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Guild Recruitment
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<Heat> Proudmoore US | Alliance

<Heat> is an 18+ guild founded in September 2010.

With the end of Dragon Soul coming and Mist of Pandaria around the corner, we are starting now to

prepare for the new challenges that will arise with new content. We have recognized that there is

always room for improvement, so we have decided to open our recruitment to

exceptional players of ALL CLASSES.

Our 25m Raid Team is currently 6/8 Hm DS and pushing to finish 8/8 Hm before the launch of MoP.

Raid Times...

Tues. Wed. Thurs. 6pm-9pm pst (9pm-12am est)

What <Heat> has to offer...

- Competitive Raiding
- Strong Leadership
- Weekly GDKP runs
- Old content weekly (for xmog & achievements)
- Non-Stress friendly environment
- We are one of the largest guilds on Proudmoore

What we expect from you...

- Minimum 395 ilvl
- Completed at least 4/8 HM
- ALL gems & enchants up to date
- A desire to be the best
- Be able to work as part of a team & follow instructions
- Take time to study & learn the fights
- High attendance

If you have what it takes and are up to the challenge, you can apply at

http://getheated.wowstead.com or contact an officer in game.

Current High priority needs...

- Tank (Blood DK, Warrior, Bear)
- Mdps (Rogue, Frost/Unholy DK, Feral Druid)
- Rdps (Ele Shaman, Mage).

**Excellent Applicants Always Considered**

Ingame contacts Idriss, Qrãk (alt 0227), Wingsoflead.

Real ID qrak1@hotmail.com

***Starting this coming week we will be continuing DS Heroic content 10m format until MoP, then returning to 25m for progression***

- Updated Raid times for MoP are...
Tues, Wed, Thurs, Mon 5:30-9:30 pst (8:30-12:30 est)

*We are Currently accepting applications from ALL classes/specs*
(Currently Full on Healers, but excellent applicants will always be considered)
back up again
I'm a 8/8 N resto druid, bear OS. Your guild sounds awesome and I'd be happy moving to Proudmoore, but I can't do Wednesdays and have no flexibility on this. More on me here:


I said I work until 6:30 but it might be possible for me to make a 6pm raid time.

If Wednesday isn't a dealbreaker, let me know.
Current needs updated
Raid spots available this week to the right candidate
Still time to join for this weeks raid

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