Ignite lvl 25 Guild recruitng for Team3 10man

Currently seeking 1 tank prefer dk or warr, 2 heals resto druid/holy pally, and 2 range dps warlock/hunter/mage. Looking for 380+ i lvl and with min 6/8 reg experience. Raid days will be twice a week tuesday from 8:30-11:30 server and Saturday 7-10 server. Looking for people who want to progress and eventually into hard modes. If interested please msg me in game or by mail on what position your applying for. Also note, willing to take other classes not listed for exceptional players.
hi my name is nick and i am 30 years old i love playing wow and i would like to move to a hard core guild like ignition i have freind in there his name is emp and he a realy good guy i have a full time job mon-fri and i am off on sat-sunday thats when i play wow. just tried of being in this guild they dont want to move forward i have two toons that are geared and ready to start hard core raiding havent done 10 DS on dk but have 4 bosses left on druid healer. druid heals/boomkin and a frost/blood dk druid ilvl is 387 and dk ilvl is 392. tyvm if you dont want to invite me but i would love to join the guild.

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