Archeology: True BAD Game Design

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An excellent review at WOW Insider:

Pretty well covers the problems. I know the devs threw archeology in like people recycle garbage, but damn I wish they had put some real thought in on it. Just a little fun would have been nice.
I'm not even going to bother reading the article.

It comes down's secondary. You don't have to take...If you think it's boring then don't do it.

It really is that simple.

Now hold on there. This is Joystiq, they deserve atleast 1 read through.
I have enjoyed the time I've put into Archaeology. I never, ever grind it; I never treat it as anything more than a travel diversion (although travelling to dig sites has encouraged me to work through most of the exploration achievements that I missed while leveling) and it's been fine. The artifacts have been interesting to read about.

I'm aware I'm in the minority on this and hope that they can find a way to make it appeal to more people. The one thing in the article that I do agree with is that the larger dig sites could be pared down some. Although by now I know pretty much where in Un'Goro I'm likely to find fragments.

EDIT: Yeah, I like joystiq too although Fox is the wrong person to be writing the shadow priest column. He's entertaining but gets things wrong too often.
It's been fun for me.

I know that's hard to stomach, fun in a video game. But still....

It's a distraction when I don't have something else going on. Which is kind of what it's for in my eyes. I've also accumulated a number of neat toys along the way.
I just hit 525 a few minutes ago, I think arch is fine, it's just somethign to do when your bored.
I've been finding it not too bad. I have 17 rares atm and working on 2 more.
The slight buff they gave it last patch is pretty helpful in getting the artifacts faster.
I have never had an issue with arch. maybe you are upset about not getting a bug mount?
Troll...Troll...Troll...Troll...Troll...Troll...Troll...Troll...x9000 where the hell is my sword.
He had a lot of good points. I like the idea of getting more use out of the Explorer's league. As well as the museum idea.

You could do runs for the league for rep. They could put a rep vendor in with cool stuff. Like a trinket that increases the chance for certain dig sites to pop. A good way to use those grey items we get a ton of.

The museum idea could give profession quests so you could gain skill points and send you to various places and old dungeons for the artifact.
01/07/2012 01:42 PMPosted by Crucafix
If you think it's boring then don't do it.

Never understood this argument, the whole game is optional including the subscription. That doesn't change the fact that one part of it is a failure.

By failure, I mean un-fun. I'm not sure how flying up and down the continent is fun. It's convenient for getting laundry folded while on flight paths, but that's about it. And, I have leveled it to 525 on one toon, but now its become a true chore.

Again, I do recommend the article, it does have some positive points, and some nice ideas.
I think the easiest fix is as you fill up your "library" for each type of artifact... you start seeing that type less and less. Like fossils and nelf crap... I'm pretty sure I've put together pretty much every grey they offer 1000 times (feels like it) yet when I'm in Kalimdor working on arch... it's nelf and fossil sites 9/10 times... toss in an ocassional troll here and there and VERY rarely a Tol'Vir... in Uldum... we're your literally just about tripping over artifacts laying around all over the place.

I've -heard- that's how it's -supposed- to work, but in reality... it doesn't work that way.
01/07/2012 01:54 PMPosted by Arshia
It comes down's secondary. You don't have to take...If you think it's boring then don't do it.
It's not so much that it is boring as it could use a few things that make it more than just a source of gold and occasional epics. Like I said above having artifacts of clothing items and weapons be stat-less green transmog pieces would be a lot of fun.

But the process is still not fun.

You're talking about improving the rewards, but not the process.

I would much rather have the process be improved. I play the game for fun. Archaeology is not fun, so i rarely do it.
I thought Archaeology was excellent! It motivated people to explore.

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