<Ajantis> 8/8 DS 25man Heroic recruitment.

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Ajantis is a 25man Horde raiding guild on Saurfang. Ajantis started raiding on Aman’Thul in 2006 and transferred to Saurfang in 2008. Our raiding history from Zul’Gurub to Firelands, can be found here http://forums.ajantis-guild.com/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=15244

We are a group of mature raiders with progression in mind, we aim to provide a drama free and relaxing environment to raid in. We take suggestions seriously and encourage communication between members and officers. We also place emphasis on raiders performance and attitude and constructive feedback is provided when necessary.

Raid times (Server time/AEST)

Wednesday : 8pm-12pm
Thursday : 8pm-12pm
Sunday : 8pm-12pm
Monday : 8pm-12pm

Attendance requirement 75%


We are currently looking for exceptional players of all classes with the following classes in high demand

Recruitment is open for all classes for MOP

Healers (prefer druid, shaman)
Ranged (lock, ele shammy, s priest)
Tank - pally preferred

A more detailed list can be found here http://forums.ajantis-guild.com/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=15804


Mushin (general recruitment enquiry)
Caldera (caster dps)
Riverune (Tanking)
Corixa (hunter, melee)
Clearea (healer)
Any of the above officers will be able to help with general recruitment enquiry
Our highest recruitment priorities at the moment are a resto shammy (or 2) and a feral kitty.

We are also keen to hear from bear tanks and other dps classes.

Lowest priorities are: mages, hunters and priests.
a spot for a rogue is available.
Asperon best rogue gogo send him mail ^^ poach the dead rebirth haha
01/25/2012 08:27 AMPosted by Fairytale
Asperon best rogue gogo send him mail ^^ poach the dead rebirth haha

Last I spoke to him (some time ago) raid times were not suitable.

Also bump for incoming 4/8 heroic 25 man, probably would have been last night 'cept for blizzard shafting oceanic guilds with Weds maintenance.
Hunter position has become available.
Bumpage for 4/8 25 man
5% on Ultra HM :(
Really keen to hear from resto shammy and r druid.

Full on healy type cloth wearers now, also fairly full on plate wearing ones.

DPS wise, likely to be having a rogue on trial soon so the hunter position still up for grabs, a lock, dk and possibly a boomy.
grats on zonoz fireup
also doubt Grëëd (ex rebirth) will be in nascent much longer now that i left (he is on holidays at the moment until feb 20th?) if you are still lookin by then he's prob keen.
you amuse me with your double paladiness
We're starting to receive some really good applicants keen for 25 man progression.

That resto shammy, resto druid, lock and dk still continue to elude us though.
Our current requirements are primarily:

Resto shaman, Holy Pally, all range dps with higher priority for warlock, shad priest, hunter and lowest priority to mages.
can i join plez i dun fall down stairs like mushin fanks.

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