<Ajantis> 8/8 DS 25man Heroic recruitment.

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05/03/2012 02:46 AMPosted by Potato
You mentioned PvE when you said "Maybe your just wishing you were still in there so you could get carried to kills?". (BUT YOU DIDN'T MENTION PVE DID YOU)
I was actually referring to Ajantis Arena/RBG teams.

As for H LK 10. I started WoW at the start of ICC and when we were 11/12H we decided we didn't want to put the effort in to working on LK.

Pvp wise your right, im not a pro pvper. But any pvper will tell you RLS is tough and stuff. Also nice job on armorying my ratings. Also if you want to play it that way we can Please go away you don't pve and you don't know anything about pve except tunneling the boss like an 8/8N player who killed more than 2Hmode bosses because of massive nerfs.

As for the respect issue Valdin gets asked how to Hpal - Go figure.

If you wish to continue this argument go make a new thread for it. We've wasted enough space on this thread.

yet i have like 3 or 4 HM kills? because i did it when i was raiding with Nascent. I don't tunnel, I have awareness which comes from pvp. As for RLS being tough stuff? Show how much you know. The Composition that you play goes well in certain brackets depending on what ladder you are playing on. But i wouldn't expect you to know that, As for armorying your ratings? i just took a stab, i didn't actually take time to look it up.
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so how long till all this is deleteD?
05/03/2012 03:21 AMPosted by Snokey
so how long till all this is deleteD?

Blizz sacked alot of people, So maybe like 1-2 more days? It's already all been reported. So it's just a matter of time.
LOL saurfang
05/04/2012 04:30 AMPosted by Pepsì
LOL saurfang

LOL frostmourne


yeah, you're right.

LOL saurfang
edited cause i was being a little sassy !@#$%
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oi has anyone here got 2700.






bow bow

Nastre well played Tealc?

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