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Comparing gold buying and multiboxing is comparing apples and oranges. Gold buying is against the rules because it is someone else making money off Blizzard's intellectual property.

Multiboxing is someone paying for multiple subscriptions legally, and coordinating them all to achieve a goal. I admire people who can do it successfully - I never could.

Your best weapon against a multiboxer is aoe fears.
How to Kill Multi-boxers:

Run Through Them: Multiboxers are usually casters following a lead character. As such, the lead characters needs to walk in a circle (not just spin around) to face the opposite directions because they have to get all the characters to turn around. So, you run through them and it'll take them time to turn around. It can be the difference between a keyboard turner and a mouse turner, except more so. This only works if they are using /follow instead of separate key movement/mouse commands or chaining the key commands to each character.

Taking Out the Lead Character: While a good multiboxer will be able to quickly pick up a new lead character, it may still take them time to react.

Fear Bombs: It'll take them time to get reorganized and back to following the lead character. Good multiboxers will have macros set up to follow the lead character quickly, but sometimes the feared characters are too far away.

Individual CC / Damage: If something different is happening to each character, they won't be able to react individually. If one character is sheeped, another feared, a third sapped, a fourth stunned and taking damage, and the last rooted in place and taking damage... how will the multiboxer be able to react when something different is happening to each of them? They all can't use the same ability or move the same way since they are all suddenly doing different things.

Death: When a multiboxer dies, unlike a normal group, they can't res individually and run back into the fray. They have to wait until all of their characters die so they can res at the same time and start following again.

AoEs: Multi-boxers are always in a tight group (if they haven't been separated or feared). Great for AoEing! With all of them taking so much damage at once, it'll be harder for them to recover.

Directions: Multi-boxers only ever face one direction. Most offensive abilities require you to face your target. If your group spreads out around the group of multi-boxers, they won't be able to target you all. They can't look in all directions at once, like a normal group can.

Bring Friends: Don't think of a multi-boxer as one person. Think of them as multiple people. Would you go up against a group when you are outnumbered? No. Then why would you go up against a multi-boxer all alone? Bring friends to help even the numbers, just as you would do when going up against a normal group of players.

Be Creative: Since each character has to react in almost the same way as all the others, they can't act individually like a normal group can.

As you can see, multiboxers are at a bigger disadvantage than a group of 5 normal players.
Comparing gold buying and multiboxing is comparing apples and oranges. Gold buying is against the rules because it is someone else making money off Blizzard's intellectual property.

From battle .net "Players who buy gold are supporting spamming, botting, and keylogging – activities that diminish the gameplay experience for everyone else."

Looks to me like Blizz thinks has a bad effect on gameplay and players.

Just like Boxers. They completely destroy any objectives in the BG in favor of boss camping in Isle of conquest.

11/02/2011 10:03 AMPosted by Orlyia
As long as the player in question is the legitimate account holder on all the involved accounts (which they almost always are), and are actually at the controls, this is not - and has not ever been against our policies.
02/14/2011 01:40 AMPosted by Orlyia
As stated above, as long as those characters are actually under the player's control, multi-boxing is not against any of our policies.
09/18/2011 06:43 PMPosted by Vrakthris
No, Multi-boxing, as long as they are not automating their actions, is not against our Terms of Use.
09/18/2011 06:43 PMPosted by Vrakthris
Multi-boxing may give a person an advantage against a single character, but so would a group of individually controlled characters. 5 vs 1 will always be 5 vs 1. Multi-boxers have a great many weaknesses, that a team of 5 characters would not.

If you would like to give constructive feedback regarding multi-boxing and battlegrounds, you will want to post in the BG forum. The support forums are not reviewed for any consideration in regards to how multi-boxing affects battlegrounds.

If you want to advocate an overall policy change, you will want to discuss it on the General Discussion forum.
How many multiboxing QQ threads do you need Syr?
Poor horsey.

They just won't let you die......
01/14/2012 04:48 AMPosted by Kcihc
It's a good thing, I'd hate to have you die like a spoiled child.

Says the child who failed reading comprehension miserably.

Says the child who failed reading comprehension miserably.

That would be you.

Multi boxing is perfectly fine in WoW. And in any other MMO out there. It doesn't just happen in this game. There's not an unfair advantage. No more so that a team of 5 players who coordinate well. This issue has been beat to death since 2004. Multi boxers are not going any where.

Stop trying to fight 5 characters.
Multiboxing is not against our current policies.

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