Theguide aka Nightreaper

Shattered Hand
I am just wondering how it feels to get dirt napped while your guild master watches you on his horde Urdeadtome in Stormwind and then doesn't bother to log onto an alliance to help you while you run away and unflag?

Edit since I underlined it by accident. Was laughing too hard.
The cure is strong tonight

lol come kill me

Cured. Next time you decide to dance around naked you should be more careful.
dont forget i killed bountyhuntard first naked

u hit me once

and then i killed u

Is that so?

Thanks for coming out though. Congratulations on your total loss of credibility.
Here Shiro, the first screenie is for you :)

You can see it at my facebook page under Broadzilla ShatteredHand. I think it is my cage you are in. Don't kid yourself. You continue to send me tells and letters and stalk me.

Do you want me to post the screenie of the letter you sent me telling me that you want me to play alliance and PVP with you because you respect me. You sat there for an hour last night refusing to pvp or help your guild mates while you made ridiculous statements like you were going to force me out of SW and dying on horde and alliance toons. It is nothing short of embarrassing for you. We were there for 3 hours and you couldn't do anything. You shouldn't tell me you are going to chase me away next time until you have a group to back it up like you pointed out in the screenie.

Enjoy the screenie.
Gee wilickers what happened to this realm.

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