Theguide aka Nightreaper

Shattered Hand
Poor filthy creature. Infections and all.

Hey what's up there Nightreaper? You complain I am never alone. I fight you alone and you run to the guards almost dead and you didn't scratch me. Fun stuff! Don't ask for something you don't really want! :) see you soon!
Well Shiro I think it is safe to say that your threat to stalk me and prevent me from pvping has become idle as you realize that you have been completely unsuccessful in your quest to do so.

I told you that would happen. :) What I didn't realize was how fail your guild was and that even though you are their gm, they never once assisted you. It is rather ironic since you claim to have the goal of revitalizing wpvp with your guild.

And Theguide...... how do you die in a 3 on 2 multiple times as you and the other 2 chain run back from the gy in TB. You died 3 times........along with the other 2 alliance in one fight without killing either myself or Bounty. If that didn't cure you I don't know what will.

Awesome idea man. Too bad you wouldn't be able to find 7 other dk's who could stand hanging out with you long enough to pull that off.
And I'm pretty sure Broad's not gonna stand around and let you circle jerk her like that.
Girls don't like that, bro.
<3 broad
<3 Joobie!

Hi Shiro and Theguide. I thought it would be helpful to give you an update on your current death log.

I have posted a couple new screenies for your enjoyment on my facebook page.

Don't forget to check out Bountyhuntr Shatteredhand on facebook
pvp sucks nerds
Word of advice Shiro.... next time you try to take me out of the air on your DK, don't miss the water. :) My kill on Shiro in the inn all by my lonesome was a good time as well don't you think?


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