Herbs in Outland

I'm leveling my herbalism/inscription right now & I need to start farming herbs from Outland. I've flown around there for a while now & have only found three felweed nodes. Is the spawn rate in Outland not working? I can find TONS of herbs in Kali & Eastern, but Outland is dry.
My friend was complaining about that the other day, but when I maxed my Herb/Alch last week or the week before I got 2 or 3 stacks in no time. I stuck to Hellfire Peninsula.
Blizzard drastically increased the spawn rate of all nodes in pre60 areas. The amount you see in Outland was never changed. The spawn rate also depends on the number of players in the area, and as everyone usually dungeons through the entire outland phase the spawn rates are set very low.

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