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I've never created a thread on these forums before, and a rarely even comment on threads started by others, but I feel like I need to reach through my monitor and give Blizzard a slap in the face so that they might wake up and stop the rot!

I will just preface what I'm about to say with the fact that I have been playing this game since Vanilla as a semi-hardcore raider and so I have ridden the game through it's highs and lows. Only twice have I taken time off from the game because I was bored and lost interest and, no surprises for guessing, this was once during WoTLK and once during Cataclysm.

Now when I say "stop the rot", I am referring to an alarming trend of players leaving the game recently. In my guild alone, we have had 5 players "retire" from WoW in the past week just through boredom and because the game gives them no motivation to play anymore, and I think I came to the conclusion that the game is just too simple and too repetitive. Let me ask you a couple of questions:

When was the last time you needed to use CC in a dungeon or raid?
When was the last time you were concerned about your threat level in a raid?
When was the last time you used a health or mana potion?
When was the last time you flew to a zone because an epic world PvP battle had broken out?

Now if you're anything like me, the answers would be, "not since BC", "not since BC", "not since BC" and, "how good were the battles at Tarren Mill back in the day!".

Without wanting to strain your eyes with walls and walls of text my point is this. The game has been beaten down and synthesized into a tiny little simplified bloody pulp to the point where every class feels the same, every role has a mirror priority list and brings the same buffs, players no longer need to watch their threat, and every dungeon and raid plays out the same boring way; faceroll all the trash because it's so god-damn easy I'm not even sure why it's there, and then kill the boss, then loot. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat x infinity. Remember in SSC when you had to sheep, sap and trap those Naga pulls or it would certainly result in a wipe?

Solutions? It's not easy, I know, and I'm not exactly in the profession of developing solutions to problems in MMO's. Maybe strip it back a bit, don't let players have so many addons and mods so that they're no longer playing a character in Azeroth but they're simply hitting buttons, when they're told to, in the order that the addon tells them to. Remove things like Deadly Boss Mods, Big Wigs, Power Auras and other timers.

Somehow bring back world PvP and bring back world bosses. Huge honor point gains for killing other players outside of a BG? Get people out of the main cities and out into the world. Remove flying mounts in Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor if that helps.

And make it a damn long and epic journey to get to max level like it should be. Because that's where many of the problems stem from. Right now you can max a character in a week if you have the time and resources. Because the main reason for players leaving the game right now is this:

Most people have 6-7 level 85's, which they main raid on one of them, do an alt run on 1 or 2 of them, and then do LFR on the rest of them. That means the average person is clearing Dragonsoul like 7-8 times per week. PER WEEK!!! No wonder people are getting burnt out at an extraordinary rate...

If I had it my way I would remove LFR difficulty raids, remove heroic difficulty raids and just have unique 10 player raid dungeons tuned for casual guilds and pugs, and unique 25 player raids tuned for the more serious and hardcore guilds. And just make them hard. Think about the BC raids; Kara, Mag's Lair, Gruul's Lair, SSC, TK, Hyjal, BT, Sunwell. All unique dungeons, all with one difficulty setting and mode, and all continued to be raided regularly throughout the entirety of the BC xpac. And you know why? Because your fresh max levelled alt couldn't out-gear all of the previous content by running heroics and step into the final tier of content.

And revert back to Horde specific Shaman and Alliance specific Paladins. Not joking.

/end rant
Translation: I DON'T LIKE CHANGE!

Do I have that right?

Not exactly. I kind of lost my way during the rant and got a bit nostalgic about "the good old days" of BC and what not but my main point is basically that the game is too repetitive the way it is right now. Not enough variety and designed so that you log in, do Dragonsoul on a toon, max your valor, upgrade some gear, then log out. Log in another toon, repeat. Log in another toon, repeat.
I have to say that I agree with the sentiments expressed by the OP. Although I have only 2 toon I play I work 5 plus hours a week and by friday I still feel like I have nothing challenging to do.
I long for the vanilla and BC days when there were some serious mobs to kill.
I too remember the epic battles at Tauren Mills, as well as the constant wipes while learning 40 man content.
I really miss needing to find a group to do quests for rep because they were so nasty. The last hard mob was the 1 dragon in WotLK
There really did seem to be more to do then. Now other than running DS with whatever group you run with and capping your valor points everything else seems totally pointless.
Translation: I DON'T LIKE CHANGE!

Do I have that right?


People are afraid of change. They think new things need to be added to the game but don't want those new things to actually change anything. So basically they want the same game they've always paid with different colors.
What do you mean.They actually took a lot of things away we use to do in the world "Epic battles, World bosses etc
And just make them hard.

Blizz tried that and it failed flat on its face.


I love the fact that now there is an actual quote from a developer stating that trying to make the game too hardcore has backfired on there faces. Also this is not BC and certain not 2007, the world and the common WoW audience has changed. WoW is not the only game in town and if Blizz should learn anything from games like EQ2, trying for a purely hardcore root is the road to defeat.
I kind of miss the possibilty of comming up with an alternate spec no one else thought of that works as well only it also has that one situational ability you might not have had before.. it made the game and characters feel more like your own you know.
01/16/2012 07:16 PMPosted by Orsnoire
Now, with 4.3, TONS of players are coming back.

I'd love to see the numbers supporting this statement.

I'm not being cynical, I really would like to see if this is true.
Just wait till about the 20th, when the SWTOR 30 free days expire, we'll probably have a bunch of people coming back.
Very good post and very true.

I left to go play SWTOR and it is a refreshing game. For the most part its WoW with Star Wars skins and world but for ONCE in a LONG time, healing is not only challanging but VERY FUN. PvP in Star Wars is amazing.

You have to CC or you DIE. You can't sit there and smash 2 buttons and heal.

Anyway, SWTOR took the best of WoW and fixed all the BAD with WoW. Blizzard needs to learn from them if they want to live.

Another fix,, and I full agree with the original poster, is REMOVE Addons..zip.. none.. no 3rd party crap. If you need an add-on to play a game.. you shouldn't be playing the game.

When I started SWTOR, it was so REFRESING to run instances and not get hassled about DPS or HEALING Per second. Tanking is challanging and healing is SOooo enjoyable for once. SOmething I can't say about WoW for a Loooong time.

Another point I agree with the original author is going back to were the HOrde had classes that the alliance did not have and visa versa. Thats what made WoW so great in its early days.

Also one last thing they can do is stop making the game easier to play. WIth every expansion they do something that requires less brain power and effort from the player. Example is removal of ammo count.

OH before I go.. the professions in WoW are a joke. You spend all this stupid time grinding to build stuff and the only things remotely usefull is at the very end. Go look at SWTOR, from the get-go you craft stuff taht is better then what you can get from quests and random drops. Only instance drops can usually beat it.

Unless WoW changes.. the light at the end of the tunnel is fading fast. I would like to see WoW be around for a long time but the laziness of the Blizzard staff to make good PvE, good dungeons, and FIXING classes rather then just through gear out.... its sad.

Wake up Blizzard. Learn from SWTOR, they have trumped WoW on creativity and fun and have showen other MMO developers the formula to crush WoW. Please fix, nuke the addons, close the code and make people work for the gear..dont give it to them on a silver platter.
About using CC and all that. Isn't that what we tried in the beginning of Cata?

That plus the Healing, drove a lot of the casuals away.

I hope they actually do with dungeons, what they did with the raids. They will be the "Looking for dungeon" level, that is easy and can be done fast, a normal mode dungeon that is harder, and then the heroic level which has a bunch more mechanics but rewards higher level gear.

I liked the CC and the communication needed at the beginning of cata. But I loved it best when I was in a guild group.
I want them to bring back weather and night/day. This all adds to the immersion in the game and should be brought back... why did the remove it anyway?

But yea, the game does not feel anywhere near as epic as it used to in Vanilla, BC and even early wotlk. This is not a rose tinted glasses thing either... it's just a fact.
I doubt they would change all of that, that you stated. They worked pretty hard on what they got. Adding back what you stated would just take back all the hard work blizzard spent on updating this game. However, I really like ideas you have suggested. :)
01/16/2012 07:17 PMPosted by Akeno
Now, with 4.3, TONS of players are coming back.

I'd love to see the numbers supporting this statement.

I'm not being cynical, I really would like to see if this is true.

I don't have numbers to support it, but the population of my server has *severely* increased. I usually hang out in the valley of honor...the average number of people there has quadrupled, at least.

Sadly this has the side effect of having things like mail and the AH lag during peak hours (that never happened during 4.2). So concrete numbers? No...but evidence? Yes.

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