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Hey everyone, I'm wondering if someone can check out my gear and see where I can improve. I'm still looking for head gear, necklace, and possibly improving my rings. Thanks in advanced!
Hello Aznswag! You should be able to find a few necklaces or rings on the auction house. Headgear is rare at your level until early 20s, then you start seeing a few pieces.

Some of your gear has spirit and strength on it. These stats are not useful for hunters (intellect also is not useful). The number 1 primary stat you want in your gear is agility. Critical strike rating, hit rating, attack power, and haste are also great to get. Later on at level 80, you'll want to get mastery. Stamina is also good and increases your health. But make agility a priority.
Best in slot for chest, shoulders, bow, MH/OH would be BoA (heirloom daggers).

Hunters want Agility and at level 20 that is really what you should look for. Any gear slot w/o agility is pretty much a wasted item. If you are on a trial, it will be hard to compete at your level with non-trials. IIRC a non-trial can get two BoA dagger drop on a +15 agility on each one and at your level you are competing with 20-24 in PVP. So you currently have 77 Agility, so a non-trial would have about 50% more agility and that brings a lot more damage.
However if you're a trial account there are a limited number of things you can get. And the AH is out. I believe the site is not sure that has the best 20 twink stuff n things check out their forums :D
Alright thanks for the help. Forgot to add that i'm only a starter edition :(
You can use wowhead to try to identify some items you may be able to pick up.;maxrl=20;si=2;ub=3;cr=21;crs=1;crv=0
There aren't any head items available for Horde, pretty sure the best you can do is Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat.

Signet of Argas is easily gotten from a quest in Ashenvale, and you can pick up Wolf Bracers from the cloth & leather vendor in Ratchet.

Run Deadmines for at least one Blackwater Cutlass, and if you're lucky you can find Thief's Blade.

Pick up Mining and JC to make Malachite Pendant (and make several stone statues before dropping JC), but if you want to do PvP you can get Scout's Medallion instead.

IIRC you can get some good Agility pants and boots in the Stockades, but Smelting Pants from Deadmines will be a big improvement, as would any of the "of the Fang" armour from Wailing Caverns. Stamina is okay, but Spirit, Int, and Strength are of no use to hunters.

And be on the lookout for Recipe: Elixir of Minor Agility -- if you find it, wait until you've done all you can with the other professions before taking up Alchemy, so you can keep the Mixology perk to get +6 Agility for two hours. Before that, just make a few stacks of Scroll of Agility II with Inscription to tide you over.
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Hello Aznswag! You should be able to find a few necklaces or rings on the auction house.

Why... why would you say this? you never tell a new player to visit the ah to buy gear. This will be his downfall as mine was. Been playing since late vanilla and this is the worst thing you could ever possibly say. Dude just keep questing and doing dungeons.
because if you are twinking, and aren't a JC necklaces are extremely limited. Though Trials can't use AH anyway.
i think this is the best u can do alliance side you will have to get lucky fishing hat or tiger goggles tho. the boa daggers are not as good as these unless u are fc and have a healer on u. also i think horde has an equivalent to ellos band
i need good gear too...
i like going to the edge...high level places....and just going at it
04/03/2012 07:10 PMPosted by Rayvenclaw
i need good gear too...

read the thread.
just keep doing dungens its an easy way to lv up and get great gear
and i f u are a hunter a great pet would be spiders cats and foxes
05/27/2012 05:22 AMPosted by Muglor
just keep doing dungens its an easy way to lv up and get great gear

Timestamps bro, 4 month old thread does not need to be necroed or doubleposted in.

... plus your answer is wrong. Wtg.
Lol thanks Tkatii for posting, I was about to answer the question until I saw your post about this being 4 months old. I don't pay attention to dates.
This post has been necro'd about 5 times. Leave it Dead.

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