*** <Encore> 8/8HM Druid DK MoP US 114 ***

Guild Recruitment
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warrior dps here, check me out.
Updated recruitment. Several sub 10% pulls on Ultraxion.
Subu I'm not able to create a new toon on Quel'thalas, if possible try and create one on Illidan to contact one of our officers. I will be out of town until late Monday. Either that or drop an app on our site. We just had one of our dps wars go casual so it's perfect timing actually.
Moving On...
Looking For...
Now with Legendary...
Now recruiting you.
Hi Smokesz
How are the oranges?
Home from work bumpage...
Late getting up bump.
Naps rule
Hello Tides. How is the Natty Ice this morning?
Tides is passed out and I'm awake.

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