Starter Edition to Battle chest?

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Hey guys. I'm sure this has been answered before but I can't find anything on it.
I just got to lvl 20 in the starter edition and I realized I really love playing WOW so I got the battle chest as a gift.

This is whats happened.
I didn't download anything from the cd's and I just put the first authentication key in [Standard Edition - Battlechest] online.

I still have the other key for the [Expansion- The Burning Crusade - bChest]
Do i put that one in too?

I've logged in to WOW after the first key and it seems like I already put in the expansion key when I haven't. I can make a Draenei now.

Soo.. What's the other key for if its not for the expansion? Did I mess something up?
Nope, you didn't mess anything up. You should still need to enter in the second expansion key though unless Blizzard somehow had the keys linked on their end.

If you go into your blizzard account and look at games does it just show the original World of warcraft or does it show the expansion, if it just showed the original then go ahead and add the key for the expansion and you'll be done.
hey may not have to tho, rememeber blizz merged vanilla wow with bc? technically BC doesn't exist as an independent expansion anymore

Leayrn is correct. A while back we merged the classic account level with Burning Crusade. If the Battlechest you bought had two keys in it, then it must have been sitting on that shelf for awhile. The key for Burning Crusade is no longer required.

Since you mentioned you already had the game installed from when you played the Starter, you don't need to install anything either. You're all set to play.
Technical Support
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Awesome, Thanks everyone! I was really confused about the entire thing XD
i got the battle chest and when i am going to install it i am getting a error code 4 and i can not find anyone with the same problem can you please help

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