[H] <Radical Dreamers> recruiting for DS10

<Radical Dreamers> is a casual, 10-men Horde end game progression guild on Frostmourne (US). We have been on World of Warcraft for almost 5 years. Due to a loss of players with the release of SWTOR, our guild is opening up applications for the following classes/roles;

- Druid (tank with o/s dps)
- Paladin (tank with o/s dps)
- Shaman (heals with o/s dps)

Applicants must be at least ilvl384 (LFR geared), have the ability to listen, learn and follow instructions, as well as bringing the necessary consumables needed for raids. We don't expect you to be an elitist raider but we expect you to research on raid encounters that the guild is currently progressing for any tips or tricks there are for your specific class/role. Mistakes are acceptable but we expect you to at least fully understand the mechanics of every raid encounter.

Loot distribution is based on individual raid rolls with a bit of loot council. We ensure that you will get your loot one day as long as you stick with the guild.

We raid on every Wednesday and Thursday, from 9.30pm to 12.30am Singapore Time (12.30am to 3.30am server time).

Interested applicants please apply at radical-dreamers.enjin.com. You may contact me in-game if you have any queries too.

Thank you.

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