Can I bind "left-click" to a key?

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Is there anyway to do this at all? Or to a macro that I can then bind to a key maybe?
/run SetBinding("key","CAMERAORSELECTORMOVE")SaveBindings(GetCurrentBindingSet())

where you replace key with whatever key you're binding it to. I can be more specific if you write out which key you want this on.
So what would it be to map the left-click mouse button to a key? Sorry, I know very little about this.
01/17/2012 10:32 PMPosted by Imalla
So what would it be to map the left-click mouse button to a key? Sorry, I know very little about this.

She just told you...

/run SetBinding("key","CAMERAORSELECTORMOVE")SaveBindings(GetCurrentBindingSet())

change key to whatever you want to bind it to and copy that whole line into your chat box.
Ok thanks.
Which key do you want to bind this to?
I am not sure yet, but I want to avoid using the left-mouse click and am trying to go keyboard as much as possible. Why, is there a certain syntax for certain keys or would I just put "F7" or "G" in there? It will probably be one of the keys on numpad if that helps, but I can change it if needed.
Also will this rob me of my ability to use the mouse click in game aswell? If so, how do I restore it?
No you'll still be able to use the mouse left click. You're just assigning the same function to another key. As for G, yeah just putting G in there would work. For numpad, it would have to be something like NUMPAD-5
For F7 I'm not entirely certain to be honest. I'd try F7 and if it doesn't work, then FUNCTION-7
Great thank you, Sedivy.
Any idea what the "del" key (not delete in the page up/down section) on the numpad would be? It lies beneath numpad-3. Is it "numpad-decimal"?

Bartender has it as "NDecimal" and as "Numpad ."
I would suggest that rather than doing that you first try just keybinding interact with target and turning on click to move. This will allow you to move between mobs and quest givers with a couple of keypresses. Obviously my suggestion is only helpful if what you were left clicking on was mostly mobs and quest givers, but there is also interact with mouseover, that can be useful for herbalism and things.
That's anyone's guess. NUMPAD-10 or whatever other number it's supposed to be is what I'd try. Maybe even NUMPAD-DEL. I never did manage to find a cohesive list for these.
Yeah I just looked and couldn't find a syntax list. It's okay I will map it to something else, thanks again!
Sedivy , do you know the format for other numpad keys? Using NUMPAD-7 or NUMPAD-PLUS doesn't seem to work. From what I can tell none of them work using NUMPAD beforehand. Tried Num and a few others, no luck. Cannot find a list for Wow anywhere.
Hmmm. Let me see if I can dig up anything. Sec..
Ah here we go. From
(in which helpfully, Choonster lists how to find the name of the key-derp on me for that one :))
you gotta try

NUMPAD7 instead of NUMPAD-7
Great thanks alot for all the help!
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