<Standing in Fire> recruiting for main group

<Standing in Fire>, formerly <BAD> of US-Demon Soul, is a lvl 25 guild currently recruiting for an active main group raid positions. Ideal candidates should posess strong raiding experience and demonstrated knowledge of class/spec mechanics. We are currently 1/8 HM in dragon soul raiding, and maintain a t-w-th schedule, 9pm-12am server time.

Our primary need at this point would be a healer main spec priest, ideally with a strong shadow offspec, geared enough to help continue our efforts to push heroic mode content. Alternatively, a main spec resto shaman may also be preferred. All individuals, regardless of class and spec are welcome to apply however. We offer simelar amenities to our members as most well organized guilds, such as generous guild bank repairs, fair loot distribution, etc. Many of us have been raiding together in one capacity or another since vanilla WoW.

If you are interested in seeing what we have to offer, please contact any one of our members in-game, or fill out an application at http://www.badguild.com/forums/ .At our website you will find additional information about us, and our history of accomplishments, including many server firsts on our previous server, and what we look for in potential members.

doin' the bumpy-bump
We've had a few good recruits, but always looking for more

May be interested in a Ele/Resto shaman, as always all applicants considered.
boomkin with resto offspec also nice.

We have no rogues to give legendaries to.
Yay Demon Soul!
Bump....Still looking for more.
02/21/2012 01:48 PMPosted by Raenlynn
Yay Demon Soul!
Lol it will always be home.
<Standing In Fire> is recruiting experienced and dedicated raiders. We are a group of mature players (21+) who are focused on progression raiding. Our core consists of experienced players who have raided together for a long time.

►►Recruitment Needs: ◄◄
Willing to consider any exceptional players.►►Progression: ◄◄
6/8 Heroic Dragon Soul
8/8 Normal Dragon Soul
All progression prior to moving to arthas can be found on our website.

We raid Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 9:00pm to 12:00am server time (EST).

High attendance rate, 85-90%
Gear on par with current guild progression
Proper gear (gems enchants etc.) and specs

►►Some perks <Standing In Fire> offers raiders:◄◄
Free Repair bills
Guild feasts and cauldrons.
Enchanting Mats

If you are interested please apply at http://www.badguild.com
If you have any questions feel free to post on our forums or contact any guild member in game.
Progression updated to 4/8 Heroic Dragon soul.
Progression updated to 5/8 Heroic Dragon Soul.
04/05/2012 10:25 PMPosted by Deceive
Progression updated to 5/8 Heroic Dragon Soul.

Congrats. Keep up the good work. =)
Wait, you said a few good recruits, Are you sure you're on Arthas?
Updating to 6/8 Heroic Dragon Soul, with only the Deathwing Encounter left.
04/06/2012 08:46 PMPosted by Orangedrank
Wait, you said a few good recruits, Are you sure you're on Arthas?

If you think arthas is bad, try logging over to DS and see what bad really is :)
Obligatory bump. Still interested in players of any spec and class.
You guise got any warlocks? I need DI

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