2h Sword Transmog

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Need 2h sword transmog ideas. Go!
While i would immediately say the "Lionheart Executioner", sadly that blade is no longer available to those who did not receive the pattern in the burning crusade expansion pack.

Gurthalak has quickly made its way into my top 5 of favorite 2H swords however i would still have to say "Armageddon" still remains my favorite. As well there are some nice one's from ulduar 25

Perhaps you might want to look into those or just for the memory to see what "Lionheart Executioner" was.
Lionheart Executioner!

I'd look into Ashkandi (old or new), the Untamed Blade, or if you like the barbaric look, the Blackblade of Shahram.
Untamed Blade was always my favorite, but depends on what you like.
I'm finally putting together a Retribution set for PvP so I can use my Lionheart Executioner - I've tanked and healed for a couple of years now, so never had a use for a 2-hander. But it's sat in my bank long enough, time to put on a show!

P.S. Still hoping for a reversal on the level-60 PvP gear being un-transmogrifiable so I can use the lamellar shoulders for my Holy set (shown here)!
Get Despair which drops from Kara Raid 10Man Lvl70, easy just you need to get the,
Romeo & Juliet Play Event :D

It's so Pretty X3
Thanks for the suggestion. I'm pretty happy with my set now.
You can transmog it, just need to have played during lvl 60 days.
Obsidian Edged Blade :)
01/21/2012 02:49 AMPosted by Hugemonster
Obsidian Edged Blade :)
What would you use for two-handed hammers?
Wait...what? You can't get Lionheart Executioner anymore? Boy am I glad I still got mine from BC, awesome sword. I was wondering why people were asking me about it. I was like "Yeah, you can still get it, just get blacksmithing and go swordsmith."

I know you're talking about swords but the 2h mace, Warhammer of the Order is pretty cool too :D
Lionheart Executioner!




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