Feral LF offensive healr 2s/3s, T2 DK LF2s/3s

My feral druid is LF an offensive priest, or a highly skilled resto shaman to push 2s rating up past 2200. Only considering experienced healers, preferably with 2000+ experience (on some character this expansion). Also currently LF a 3s team with T2 capabilities/willing to take the time to build synergy. Currently sitting in the 1900s after 2 days of running some kittycleave, but I prefer to arena more often than once a week, especially in the beginning of seasons. Willing to run any setups as long as:
A) you enjoy arena
B) log on more than once a week
C) have the 2k+ experience
D) dont rage because you just got shattered/danced/viald'd on for 160k in 2 seconds
E) are female in the age bracket of 19-23/currrently single/under 140 pounds/good cook


On a more serious note, I also have a DK <---^^^ that is willing to run a 3s setup also with T2 capabilities, I only play frost because me and my pet dont get along, he wants to huddle, I wanna do damage, he wants me to die, I want to sac him, yeah its just not a good relationship. I will be a little more picky with the teams on this character mainly because I do use Facerolling to play/help/cap friends, and also Im considering xfering to a pvp realm where Hero of the Alliance Dks are in short supply but Seasoned Gladiators are not.....but hey, I hate spending money so if you really would like to play (with either character) go ahead and send me an in-game mail to my Feral or DK (Boomken, Facerolling respectively) with your ideas.

Little bit about me:
-20698 recorded rated arena games through season 4-today across 7 different characters
-double that in skirms back when they were active
-multiple Duelist seasons (big whoops but hey throught Id throw it in)
-t1 line campus connection with 11ms home/world
-very flexible schedule

P.S. Morfeer is off the server already but If Im in a good mood I might play games for fun on my hpally Nitrogenius to see if I can get shattervialdanced in half a kidney again. (**WARNING** GAMES ON NITROGENIUS MAY VIOLATE CODE D OF THE PARTNER REQUEST CONDITIONS **WARNING**)
I'm highly offensive. I will call you multiple names in vent while I heal.

I'm a guy but i'm only 9 yrs old so i still look and sound like a girl.

I am an amazing cook.

I don't do cyber before 1900 rating firm, i'm not flexible on that.

Finally I have a 14" long.... mace.

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