GSO/Falk Sat. Dragon Soul Raid - 25m LFM

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Interested in going on my Holy/Disc priest ( ) if you have a spot for her.
I'm 5/8HM on this character, just haven't played my priest that much this patch beyond getting her 4pc t13. :)
Would you like me to DPS?.. if so I'll be on my druid.. Thundernickk.. Pst me
If you still need a dps I'd love to come on my warrior, Caydere. Armory hasn't updated on him so I can't link it but he's 8/8 normal 394 ilvl.
Full cleared again tonight! Smoothest full clear so far!
Id like to bring my alt
388 Feral DPS.
This toon has the achievement.

Send in game mail,reply here or calendar invite if you need me.
i'll hopefully come again next week! my shaman and mage always want to raid :3
bump for heroic morcock this week!
Run will be going on as per usual. Expect heroic morchock attempts.
Talked to Kpop tonight, just posting as a reminder to look into me possibly snagging a spot in the raid. Did Sinestra on content (server first here with Origins) and p4 in 10 man Rag on content. I was also briefly in Burning Sensations before they broke into a 10 man early FL. That's about all I can think of to put in this mini-app, hope to see you guys on Saturday.
I should be on and can bring an arms warrior 390 or a 390 frost dk "may go unholy" shoot me an ingame mail if you need either
snun would be interested in running tonight if there is room for her <3
< Garden/Fountainhead count me in, went last week and toon is still in GSO.
392 Ret Pally with 8/8achieve
decent dps guaranteed
Full cleared again this evening 2/18!

:3 had fun even with some annoying people that just needed to be ignored
Full cleared again this evening!

--And we were missing 10 of our regulars :(

May convert to GDKP next week
always will slay dragons and such with some sort of alt of mine

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