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Cold winds blew snow into every nook and cranny of the ruins, the only thing that saved the hunter as she tramped through the snow was the thought of the warmth of the fire in the Lodge. Her frostsaber slunk by her side, the cold did not bother him, his heavy coat and thick padded paws made a soft scrunch in the surface of the snow.At last reaching the center of the ruins, Shae Dawnstrike lit the flare to alert the sentries of her arrival.

The glade was quiet as the clouds of breath from her and the saber made a fine shimmer of ice particles in the air. A soft blue glow came from a nearby building and in a matter of moments the hunter and her cat shimmered out of view. Anyone following them would see nothing, even the tracks ended at the edge of the glade. The wind quickly filling in the rest of the tracks. The clearing now looked like a set of ruined buildings falling apart and full of blowing drifting snow.

Around Shae the clearing was warmer and cleared of deep snow. She walked on the cleanswept walkway to the main Lodge and stepped into the warmth of the lobby. The tall green haired Kaldorei who was serving as a butler bowed low to her and offered to take her cloak. "Welcome Shae Dawnstrike, come, sit and warm yourself by the fire...would you like something warm to drink?" his deep voice was calm and professional.

"I would love some hot tea, Bellore, it is indeed cold in the hills today. Let me take this meat to the cook and I will return to give a report to Master Thornwhisper." her voice cheerful as always after a successful hunt.The brace of rabbits and the pheasant would be a welcome change from the standard venison and fish. She was sure HeadMaster Thornwhisper would be pleased.

As she tramped into the back of the lodge she could hear raised voices in the lounge. Someone was not happy, and they made no effort to contain their anger. The crash of crystal hitting the wall made her jump and the cat to growl.The arguements were getting more heated now as both parties wanted things their own way. The tension had been building for weeks and the Headmaster was furious. "I say we shall have no arguements! The will of the council is will abide by the will of the Council or be sent away and denied access to the Delar Na'Dora." Silence met his thunderous words and Shae waited a moment in hushed shock as she waited for the response.

"The Council of Fools will make sure that the wisdom of the Ages lies dormant and unused for the sake of secrecy...though what they think the wisdom will be used for is beyond me...the very earth trembles in agony as the elements rage...the Old Gods gain in power and seek to destroy the very fabric of existence." the voice was not one Shae was familiar with, she had to resist poking her head in the lounge to peek. She would find out soon enough.

The deep voice of Master Thornwhisper cut through the silence like a razor through tender skin. "The Council of Five set this santuary up for the sole purpose to safeguard these Truths, I can no more go against their wishes than I can bring Elune down from the heavens to do my bidding. I am bound by oath and blood to serve them. You would be wise to do the same, draenei. We welcomed your kind here to set up your Observatory. Your knowledge of the stars is far beyond that of the Kaldorei. We do not wish to offend you, Garrosh and Wrynn both would lay waste to these hallowed halls in a heartbeat. If only to insure the other does not get their hands on the secrets here."

Shae stepped quietly into the back of the lodge kitchen, she wanted to go back and eavesdrop, but her duty came first. Handing the pheasant and the rabbits to the cook, she smiled as he looked at her with surprise.

"You brought me pheasant? And rabbits! Shae you are a wonderful hunter! Have some soup...I always keep some on hand to warm the staff when they need it." his voice cheerful. He ladled up a hearty soup filled with vegetables and some scarce pieces of pork for flavor.Shae took the bowl and seated herself at the kitchen table, close to the door so she could keep an eye on the lounge doorway. She would not barge in on Headmaster Thornwhisper, she would wait until his visitor was gone.

The soup was delicious and she was well into it when she saw the imposing figure of the draenei leaving the lounge. He was clearly in a foul mood and Shae had no desire to approach him if she did not have to.It was several minutes later when she strolled down the hallway to the lounge and looked in to see the Headmaster sitting near the fire and smoking his pipe. She cleared her throat and waited for him to acknowldge her presence.

He turned to her with a smile and beckoned her in. "Do come and warm yourself, child. The storm has passed...for now." His voice a rich baritone as he sat in the comfy chair in front of the fire.

Shae sat near the fire on the hearth, her hands and feet welcomed the warmth and she looked over at him and smiled. "He will not give know this...sooner or later the Council will have to do something...this is a far worse time than what was in the past." her voice soft and soothing.

"If I was not bound by my oathes I would agree..but it is not my decision to make...the draenei forgets that. He seeks to bully his way into getting the word out to let those who are worthy access to the knowledge. The decision has to be unanimous. Therefore I have called for a summit to discuss it. The meeting will be held in the usual place. I will leave it to you to handle the escort of the Council to this Glade. Take who you will from the Guardians, the security is still in place and you alone will be responsible in getting them to the meeting by the next full moon." he sighed heavily as he sat back in the chair to smoke his pipe.

Shae nodded, "It will be my pleasure, Headmaster. I will check with the Commander of the Guard and report back when I have a team ready. No doubt we will leave in the morning, as the moon is full in a weeks time."

"Shae, please dispense with the formality. I am your superior only in name. Call me Keldaras or Kel if you wish. Go with Elune and be safe. Rest this night and leave at first light." his smile was affectionate and warm as he regarded the young Sentinel.

So there it is. I am going to take some flak for setting this up as old, but I will refrain from mentioning how old it is. This is a creative thread and I will stick to lore as much as I can.

Let's keep it generic and easy.I would like to see some good rpers offer up a sign up for the position of councilor. There will be five altogether, and Keldaras is one of them. I would like to see some awesome Kaldorei elders who are opinionated and well written, gender is no matter. These councillors will be sparringly played so if you are someone who would like to sign up more than one character feel free to do that. The council is strictly Kaldorei.

This is a list of characters I would like to see handled by experienced and enthusiastic rpers.

Council of Five:

1. Keldaras Thornwhisper-Headmaster-Historian

2. (reserved for Nenjurash's alt as previously discussed.) Librarian-Already know some of what he has planned for this character. (co- TM!)

3. Councilor- Archeologist-(either gender) Should be someone who loves collecting the archeology items.

4. Councilor-Anthropologist (either gender) This one is an expert on all races and sentient beings on Azeroth. Know your lore!

5. Councilor-Conservator (animals and plants, basically Ecologist)-(either gender) This position should be filled by someone who is a true treehugger and conservationist.

Other positions open can be filled by those who are experienced enough to be add flavor to the thread. I would like to see...

1. Commander of the Guard- oversees the secrecy and security of the Hidden Grove and its institution. Basically a guardian position. May use npcs in anyway to safeguard the area. Sentinels and Guardians (the giant trees!)

2. Astrologer-Draenei Vindicator (or any title you see fit to give him) Basically this is the one fighting to have the Delar Da'Nora open to selective students and seekers of truth to meet the current challenges of Deathwing and the Twilight's Hammer. I would like this person to be energetic and opinionated, and a stickler for Draenei lore! A special plus if you like to do astrology stuff.

Now for the rest of you wonderful people who are looking for a thread you can sink your teeth into. I will open it to well written characters of either faction. I want some Seekers of Truth. Those who are tired of constant war and the obvious inability of the world's leadership to work together to combat the challenges Azeroth faces. These characters are well respected for their ability to work with Cenarion Circle, Earthen Ring, and the various Argent Organisations. These will be invited, in character by the Councillors to aid their research, think of it as a research opportunity at a prestigious college.

To those of you who have an evil bent...I want some Cultists who are seeking to root out and destroy the Institution. It is a veritable treasure trove of the collected wisdom and history of the Kaldorei as well as other cultures. I will allow each councillor to have a relic of some kind they are personally responsible for. (These relics can be described in the sign ups for the councillors or I can give you some ideas.)


Sign ups shall take the following format:


Age, gender and class: (normal for wow please, no dragons, demons, murlocks, or any other non playable race!)

Description:( What you look like in general in casual clothes)

Weapons and armor: (dress it up but not too OP please)

Basic history:( Where were you born, where you served, where you live now, do you have family, etc.)

A few rules I would like followed:

1. The Thread Master's word is law for this thread-any disputes will be handled as fairly as I can. No whining and no bullying. Being civil and cooperative will be much appreciated.

2. No God-modding, if you don't know what that is refer to the stickies at the top of the forums where it explains all that stuff. If you want to have an in character dispute or battle or duel, you will agree to discuss it before hand in the OOC thread. I do not mind duels or fights, but remember you are not invincible, or invisible or invulnerable.

3. Post as often as you can, but try not to get too far ahead of the current action. It is the poster's responsibility to read the posts and keep up with the story. If you get too out of line I may ask you to edit or clarify.

4. Keep OOC (out of Character) in this thread please and do not clutter up the IC (in character thread when it goes up. If you cannot think of a lot to say, at least give us a paragraph and if we want more clarification or flavor we will ask you to edit.

Ok, any questions?
Name: Tul'andris Whisperweave

Age, gender and class: Unknown, male, and Highborne Mage

Description: Tul'andris is of average height for his kind and very slim. He has the Highborne signature look of deep purple skin, blue misted eyes, and medium-length hair as white as snow. He is clean shaven and moves around with hallowed poise.

Weapons and armor: He wears no armor and carries no weapons. What he does wear, though, is a slim robe that covers just about all of his that a normal robe does. The robe is purple with a gold embroidery. And yes, he does have shoes with those. He also has a golden necklace that dangles carefully around his neck and over his chest.

Basic history: Tul'andris is quiet about his life, hardly explaining anything about his past. The only information that he would be willing to part with, is that he was born in Ashenvale, served no military but went to Dire Maul with the rest of his kin, and that he lives in a living space within the library all by himself, never giving up information of anything about being, or once was, in a family.

Optional Notes: Not only is he the tomekeeper (librarian) of the Delar Na'Dora, but he is also among the Council of Five and is a scribe that is willing to teach others how to write scrolls and magical tomes. He also has a 'pet' he had named Whisper...and this 'pet' is a mana wyrm that follows him around for some apparent reason and helps out in he library.
Fantastic Nenj! I hope you are prepared to be co-TM? Anything that goes on if I am not online is yours to control, and I deeply appreciate your help in this. I do hope we get some really good responses from this.

Now as for plot...the first thing we have to do is get the councilors together and have a meeting. As far as I am concerned the Councilors are out and about in the world, fighting the chaos in their own way and have to be brought to the clearing where the Delar Da'Nora is currently still hidden from the world. However..the Librarian and Headmaster are Keepers in the sense they stay with the institution and protect and maintain it.

The draenei will be in his Observatory and doing his duty to search the heavens for any sign of demons or anything else that may threaten the planet. He may have helpers as npcs or a character to use as a research assistant. (should be draenei)

The Commander of the guard will be insuring no one violates the peace of the glade, using magic and Sentinels and Guardian trees to keep it hidden from view. I see the use of weather, elementals and other fairly natural means as more in keeping with Kaldorei style.

The setting for this is Winterspring, it is cold, winter weather all the time and there are ruins of Kaldorei civilization in scattered spots. The institution is currently hidden by magical means, that means no one stumbles on it by accident. If you are not attuned to the magic surrounding it, all you see is a vast area of snow, some trees and bushes, lots of ruins that are empty.

When the institute is opened to students, they will have to go through a strenuous screening to prove themselves worthy of being allowed access to the wisdom of the ages. This will be a learning situation only in that you will be taught the necessary things to be able to assist the appropriate professor in the research and collection of information and artifacts. Think of it as more of a professor/tutor who is teaching you his/her wisdom in exchange for help in overcoming the problems facing Azeroth.

So, each Councilor will seek out a certain relic or artifact and return it to the Delar Da'Nora for safekeeping. I expect a certain amount of friction between the Council members, whether it is romantic or simple disagreement is up to the player. I can see that having one of those out and about in the world being tempted by the Twilight's Hammer, though I would expect this to be kept subtle and done over time rather than an out and out betrayal. For one thing, the Twilights make empty promises and you would have to be under a huge strain to give up hundreds of years of maintaining the integrity of the institution.
Ninja Nenj to the rescue! *ta-da!*

At any rate, I'm about as ready as I'll ever be, and it is not the first time I have been a co-TM, so I won't have much of a problem. But, I'll leave the final decision on most things up to you Kel, it is your idea after all for this thread...I'm just honored to help out.

I want to highly encourage people to come on up and get this off of the ground! This is something I have never seen before, a thread that involves actual politics and tensions with those that are literally right next to is just a wonderful blend people write books and make movies out of.

I am glad to be a part of this and be able to exercise and flesh out Tul'andris as a character.
Name: Shaue Talonblade

Age: 13,987

Gender: Female

Class: Druid

Description: Shaule is a towering 7'4", she is also very muscular for woman. She has light purple skin, silver eyes, and blade tattoos around her eyes. She waks walks with a very elegant aura.

Weapons & Armour: Shaule wields no weapons, but wears a skin tight leather jerken. When she is forced into combat she takes on the form of a cat, hence no weapons.

Basic History: Shaule had been born in a small town what is now northern Feralas, after learning that demons had attacked Zin-Azshari, she stayed with her famiy to protect them. Little is known about her life during the Long Vigil, but when The Third War errupted, she fought alongside the Alliance. Now living a peaceful life in Darnassus with her mate Illithor, she wishes to share her knowledge with others.

((Councilor-Conservator is the position she would prefer))
I will consider Shaule for councillor. If you intend on doing that, make sure you are a member of Cenarion Circle, and Earthen Ring and know your lore and beasts and plants of Azeroth. Conservation is a very interesting subject, do some research on PETA, and other forms of conservation quests in the game, you can do research on the website I listed in the discussion thread. There is more to it than treehugging!

And I expect you to be able to directly approach a student/apprentice applicant and give them quests and some means of proving their suitability to be admitted to the halls of wisdom. This will be done after the initial meeting and you will not be in the Delar Na'Dora to begin.

Give me some examples of how you would do this, I will set a scene for are in the wilds of Stranglethorn and you see a young hunter who is chiding the Nesingwary group for decimating the tiger population. You may do both parts and make it convincing.
(i want to be one of the seekers of truth)
Name: Malichia(nickname: Mal)
Age, Gender, and Class: Age-19(died at 19), Gender-Male, Class-Mage
Description: Mal is 5"8 with his slouch. He has the average yellow glowing eyes of any forsaken. He has pale gray skin, wiry shoulderlength green hair, and the front of his face is rotted but only slightly. He has a blue glowing rune on his forehead that inhances his intellect, sometimes making him sound snooty but doesnt mean to.
Weapons and Armour: Mal uses magic to fight so he holds no weapon. He wears a black flowing robe with red magic runes on the sides and a white shirt that shows from the v-neck of the robe. He wears a top hat that sits a bit askew but never falls off and has green boots that have a slight glow due to being enchanted to increas his speed. He wears brown pants underneath his robe and blue gloves(theres nothing special about these).
Basic History:Mal was living in Lorderon when the scourge attacked. He was an apprentice mage living with his master. Whe he was ressurected he served the scourge until Lady Sylvanas free'd him and the other forsaken. After serving the dark lady for a few months he began to grow dissapointed at his lacking in knowlegde so he set out for Dalaran. He spent months there studying in the librarys and with no need for sleep, food, water, or light he was able to progress quickly. Eventually he surpassed his former master in power. After, he set out to see the world and what its wonders still held. After all that he saw that the war hadnt really changed much. Albeit he gave credit where it was due to the scuorge and the cataclysm but he saw too many pointless battles and grew tired of the constant blood shed. He eventually found himself in The Cenarion circles ranks. He wanted to help make the world better for as long as he could because he belives that is what magics true purpose is.
With the strong prescence of lore in this thread, I doubt Kel will accept your sign-up, due to the fact that you are Forsaken Druid, that is up to him though
^^^ forsaken were not even around at this time i believe?

Name: Shelera nightengale

Age, gender and class: About 14,974 and Priest.

Description: Shelera stands at 7'2, her skin is a soft purple color, her hair shine's a light purple color. She move's a with a ladylike grace. The tattoo of a moon covers her right eye. Her eye's betray her grace, shining with a fierce light, she holds herself up showing great self confidence.

Weapons and armor: Her armor, looks to be made of leave's protecting her wait and below, and covers the heart and lungs, but leave's the stomach area open, to allow better reflex's. The "leave's" are actually scale metal. Her weapon is a staff, made of wood a single crystal sit's at the top. Acts as a amplifier of some magic.

Basic history:( Where were you born, where you served, where you live now, do you have family, etc.): Born in Zin Azshari, she was about 18(Human year's) when the demons attacked, the city. Her mother and father fled with her. Her father was injured, and thus, biegin a powerful warrior, covered the retreat along with four other's who were too injured to make it. Most thought they would last 5 minute's but instead they lasted a day, before falling under the shear numbers. They fled into the far eastern kingdom, never bothering to stop for too long.

She was about 25(Human year's) when the third war erupted, she moved her family away into the newly found city's of the other night elf's. Moving her older mother into a home, near the back of the city to keep her away from the main brunt if the city was attacked. She moved to join the other Night elf's amassing to assist the alliance in the Third war, she fought beside another male member of her people, After awhile they grew closer, till the bonds were tied, resulting in Sheralen(Young male NE). After the war, she moved on a pilgrimage to join the others at "Delar Da'nora, making the pilgrimage from the Darnassus area.

((Hope this is good :P could be Councillor archaeologist. and would you object to her carrying around the child?))
I didnt say I was a forsaken Druid. I am a mage. I just work with the cenarion circle to help make the world a better place.
01/18/2012 11:39 PMPosted by Keldaras
5. Councilor-Conservator (animals and plants, basically Ecologist)-(either gender) This position should be filled by someone who is a true treehugger and conservationist.

Reserved.....if my question is answered.

Does this mean a Druid could sign up for that spot?

Now, I'm not saying anyone is accepted/denied, but I want to give out personal advice on some of this stuff to help the TM make a decision for themselves.


I'm not sure what you mean by 'Seeker of Truth'...whether it be an actual Seeker or a Council member, no idea. But, I do know that it seems the Council is strictly Night Elf/Highborne only (or if Tul'andris is the only Highborne allowed/whatever), so I'm not sure the Undead guy will make it there. And as far as the actual Seeker of Truth thing goes...I assume that is up for grabs to all races, so go wild with that one man.

And, onto your character...I know plenty of NPC Forsaken that actually cares about the world, along with some playable ones, so I can see the mage working for the Cenarion Circle...lorewise, I don't see it happening cuz the Undead are viewed as abominations to life and nature, but game mechanics they have to look the other way...Though, with most of their havens being destroyed nowadays, they may have to turn a few blind eyes race wise.

So, on terms with Malichia...I'd give a 50/50 chance here


(First up, how ya doin'!)

I don't see much wrong with this character idea...besides a priest wearing metal...I thought they only wore cloth...oh well, I'm sure there is a reason for this.

At any rate, I don't see much other problems (due to the fact that I'm not that knowledgeable of Elven history) so I'll leave this to the TM

Overall, 75/25 chance, maybe?



Well, since the Council is only Night Elves...I can conservative to be:


Those would be the most typical, I think, for that title
If you read books the priests(Night elf anyways) They dress in plate armor blessed by Elune into battle :P

Good how are you doing? :D and looks like your Thules babysitter in the Into the hourglass thread :P
@Malichia, I can accept you as a Seeker, but you will have to do some serious rp to convince a Councillor to accept a Forsaken. It will be a challenge, keep in mind all Councillors are NE.

You have a good start however, I hope you will change the age thing, once you die you do not age in years, you actually just stay same age. You have too many years to be plausible anyway, it has not been that long since the events happened for him to be 19 at death and now 33?
01/19/2012 08:02 PMPosted by Liå
5. Councilor-Conservator (animals and plants, basically Ecologist)-(either gender) This position should be filled by someone who is a true treehugger and conservationist.

Reserved.....if my question is answered.

Does this mean a Druid could sign up for that spot?
True...Priestesses in Night Elven culture seems to be more battle maidens than actual I suppose that can work

86/14 chance of working then, I suppose

And, say whaaaaaaaa? 0.o
wait wait i think i am confuzed yep wrong orc...orcs look alike

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