[H] Luck in the Shadows recruiting.

Earthen Ring
We're not hardcore. We do wipe, but we laugh about it and learn from it. We're all just normal people that play the game solely for fun, not as a job.

With that being said, you don't have to be a raider to join.

However, we are in need of a raid healer. We don't have a Shaman in the group, and would like one. A druid is fine too. To be perfectly honest, any healer is fine just as long as you can raid heal, but we are recruiting other classes and roles.

Shoot an in-game message to me, or anyone else that's online if you would like to learn more.
"Normal people" ;) Bump for the awesome guildies!
yes , hello i could be interested in a guild invite. pst me if you think you could use me

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