378 Enh Looking For Guild

Aerie Peak
Hi, I'm an item level 378 (equipped) Enhancement Shaman looking for a guild.

About me
378 Enhancement Shaman
I know Elemental and Resto, and would actually prefer to play Resto as I originally only leveled as Enhancement as my guild needed one.
I come with Potions, Flasks, and Buff food for my chosen spec for every raid.
I read up on my class every patch, and also use simcraft to help optimize my gemming capabilities
I'm not afraid to spend gold to improve my DPS. My Enhancement spec is missing epic gems currently as I spent all of my gold on my Resto Spec gems and the epic gems I currently have.
I keep my professions up to par on my raiding characters. Currently I am using Mining/Herbalism only due to the fact I am not raiding. If I were to start raiding, I would level Jewelcrafting/Blacksmithing, replacing Blacksmithing with Inscription if I were Enhancement MS due to Swordguard.

What I need from you
A guild serious about progression. I enjoy goofing off, but when the time comes I'd like to actually have a guild willing to sit down and get the bosses downed.
An Officer core willing to call those out that fail. I despise groups with leadership that gives generalizations of why people failed. Raging is one thing, but telling someone where and how they failed is another.
Raid times after 3PM server, I don't care how late. Given the option, I'd choose any times not including 6PM realm time Wednesdays and Mondays, and whatever time NCIS is on on Tuesdays. Cbf to look that up too.

Other information
I'm also willing to level any other character to help out the guild, but if I end up leveling a DPS class and have to solo queue two specs in LFG, I may end up showing up to the raid in full 377 PvP gear (see my helm)

Thanks for looking, you can catch me in-game on here or Manikrogue.

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