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Tinker Warcraft Lore

Tinkers are among the smartest of the adventurers setting out to explore and conquer Azeroth. The creators of incredible inventions, from crazy multipurpose knives to steam saws to siege engines, their devices allow them to overcome nearly any situation, and if they don't have the device they need, they just might be able to design and create a new one on the spot. Tinkers have a reputation for being dangerous companions, born mainly of reckless goblins experimenting with explosives. However, tinkers are not usually danger-prone. The real problem arises when they mess with gunpowder or try to build a better steam engine, and even then mishaps and explosions do not occur as often as many believe. However, the true heart of the tinker profession can be found in the steady craftsmanship of the dwarves and the wild-eyed curiosity of the gnomes. As tinkers begin to spread to all the races of Azeroth, the idea of the "typical tinker" may continue to change, but inventiveness and intelligence will always be an important part of what makes a Tinker.

Mist of Pandaren Lore

As the war between the horde and the alliance continues to bring havoc to Azeroth both factions have begun looking for new fields of training that they can bestow upon there troops. With the recent campaign to regain Gnomeregan and the Goblin race joining the horde a new breed of soilders have been made called the Tinkers. While Tinkers are not new to Azshara they used to be very rare since these engineers used to remain in the cities creating there crazy inventions.

Class Overview

Tinkers are Engineers that have left the safety of the City-Walls in order to support the war between the horde and the alliance. The Tinker uses many gadgets that can either cause damage, heal, allow them to tank, or even promote different strategies. Some of the most useful Gadgets they have are there Steamsuit that allow them to tank, or there robots that allow them to defend themselves aganist the enemies.

Playable Races

While any of the races could potentially be Tinkers, many shun technology and find it completely useless. While others just do not possess the knowledge necessary to be Tinkers.

1.)Goblins (Horde)-Goblins are the most common Tinkers they have a union called the Tinkers Union in the Undermines. With the Cataclysm finally subsiding the goblins have returned to their home to begin the rebuilding progress and have begun teaching there new allies how to use Technology for combat. Before they were unable to teach their new allies because of all the chaos that was happening in Azeroth.

2.)Blood Elves (Horde)-While many mages shun Tinkers; some Blood elves have decided to abandon their path of magic and learn how to use their knowledge to master there use of Technology. However many of there brothers deem any Tinkers in there ranks as incompetence.

3.)Gnomes (Alliance)-Gnomes are the most Intellect race of the Alliance; with the recent conquest for Gnomeregan the new S.A.F.E units have been trained to be Tinkers. The Gnome Tinker King has also begun teaching Dwaves how to benefit from this technology.

4.)Dwarfs (Alliance)- Dwarfs are a very Intellect race, and were common tinkers in Warcraft.

5.)Draenei (Alliance)- While the Draenei race is new to the world of Azeroth they are a very intellect race and have been accepted as Tinkers, However they are very rare.


1.)Steam Pressure: Steam Pressure is already used on vehicles; however I think they should expand this Resource and not waste its potential. So I propose that if Blizzard likes this class idea they use that Resource for all of the Tinkers Gadgets However I can’t comment on how it works I suck when it comes to game mechanics.


3.)Weapons:Guns,Daggers,Dual Wield Pistols

4.)Unlockables:Maces (1H)(LV25)/Wear Leather (LV60)

Talent Trees
The Tinker playstyle is vastly changed depending on there talent trees. Here are the Talent Trees.

1.)Steam (Tanking Tree)-This Talent Tree focuses on using your Steamsuit for combat, and it also helps you manage your Steam Pressure. The Steam Tinker is a great choice for those players that like to tank.
-New Skill:Metal Shield=Increases your def by ?%.
-Passive Skill:Steam Conserver=every skill has a 25% chance of Conversing Steam pressure.
-Passive Skill:Mechaform=When you are riding a machine its power increases by 100%.

2.)Gizmo (Damage Tree)-This Talent Tree focuses on optimizing your gadgets. In addition to that this tree also provides great bonuses to the Tinker weapon. The Gizmo Tinker is a great choice for those that wish to increase there burst damage.
-New Skill:Decoy Bot=A decoy robot is put on the field that gets the enemies attention. It blows ups after it got all the enemies near it.
-Passive Skill:Gun Expert=Increases damage done by guns by 75%.

3.)Robotic (Damage Pet Tree)-This Talent Tree focuses on using your Robots for combat. In addition you gain access to some robots that can only be unlocked by this tree. The Robotic Tinker is a great choice for those players that like Pet Classes, or those that like robots.
-New Skill:Self Destruct: Commands all of your Bots to Self Destruct to deal damage.
-Passive Skill:Robogenius: Allows you to summon 2 more Clockwork Bots.
-Passive Skill:Upgrade Expert:Increases all your robots and vehicles potential by ?%.

Here are the skills I created for the Tinker, it might be a little overpowered but this is just a idea.

LV1)Summon Clockwork Bot: Summons a Clockwork Robot Bot to assist you in combat. (25% Steam) (Can Summon 2 Bots)
LV1)Lightning Attachment: Attaches Lightning damage to your weapon. (10% Steam) (Buff)
LV1)Technology Expert: Increases the Potential of Engineer made items by 25%. (Passive)
LV3)Thundershot: Shoots the enemy with a Lightning shot. (Burst damage) (5% Steam) (Requires Appropriate Attachment)(Consumes Attachment)
LV5)Fire Attachment: Attaches Fire damage to your weapon. (10% Steam) (Buff)
LV7)Fireshot: Shoots the enemy with a Fire shot. (Burst damage) (5% Steam) (Requires Appropriate Attachment)(Consumes Attachment)
LV8)Muffler: Silences the Target. (30% Steam)
LV10)Activate Steamsuit: Activates your Steamsuit increases your Defense and Stamina by X%?. (50% Steam)
LV10)Repair Oil: A oil that heals your bots or steamsuit for minor HP. (15% Steam)
LV10)Ice Attachment: Attaches Ice damage to your weapon. (10% Steam) (Buff)
LV12)Iceshot: Shoots the enemy with a Ice shot. (Burst damage) (5% Steam) (Requires Appropriate Attachment)(Consumes Attachment)
LV12)Flamethrower: A channeled spell that causes heavy damage, and burns the enemy. (40% Steam)
LV14)Landmine: You put a Landmine in the field damaging anyone who gets near it. (8% Steam) (Can put up to 4 Mines on the field)
LV14)Detonator: denonates any Landmines nearby.
LV16)Wind Attachment: Attaches Wind damage to your weapon. (10% Steam) (Buff)
LV18)Wind Shot: Shoots the enemy with a Wind shot. (Burst damage) (5% Steam) (Requires Appropriate Attachment)(Consumes Attachment)
LV20)Summon Mechagnome: Summons a Mechagnome to assist you in combat. (50% Steam) (Can only summon 1)
LV20)Pistol Barrage: Fires a Constant barrage of bullets in a cone out from the caster. (65% Steam)
LV22)Activate Dispenser: Summons a Dispenser that heals HP and MP overtime similar to a totem. (25% Steam)
LV22)Earth Attachment: Attaches Earth damage to your weapon. (10% Steam) (Buff)
LV24)Earthshot: Shoots the enemy with a Earth shot. (Burst damage) (5% Steam)(Requires Appropriate Attachment)(Consumes Attachment)
LV25)Recharge: Restores 35% of your Steam Pressure. (Free skill)
LV26)X-Ray Glasses: Allows you to see players that are cloaking. (5% Steam) (Buff)
LV28)Water Attachment: Attaches Water damage to your weapon. (10% Steam( Buff)
LV30)Aquashot: Shoots the enemy with a Aqua shot. (Burst damage) (5% Steam) (Requires Appropriate Attachment)(Consumes Attachment)
LV30)Activate Siege Vehicle: Can be used as class mount, but is also a weapon of combat. (50% Steam)
LV32)Cluster Rockets: Bombard an area with rockets, stunning enemy for a short duration. (35% Steam)
LV34)Pocket Factory: Creates a Factory which creates self destructing bots for a short duration. (Channeled skill) (100% Steam)
LV36)Electric gun: Similar to Flamethrower but shorts lightning instead. (40% Steam)
LV38)Defibrillator: Raises a target, cannot be used during combat. (80% Steam)
LV40)Summon Sentry Turret:Summons a Sentry Turret to assist you in combat. (60% Steam) (Can only summon 1)
LV44)Teleport Pad: Summons a Teleport pad that takes you to your Home Location.
LV50)Rocket Launcher: Causes heavy burst damage. (70% Steam)
LV52)Medicshot: Shoots a target to heal them. (15% Steam)
LV52)Manashot: Shoots a target to restore some of there mana. (15% Steam)
LV54)Mass Repair: Heals all bots near by. (Instance) (30% Steam)
LV56)Grenade Launcher: Shoots a Grenade at the enemy (25% Steam)
LV58)Energy Shield: Creates a shield that absorbs 25% of magical or physical damage. (20% Steam)
LV60)Activate Shredder: Activates your Shredder increases your Attack by X%?. (50% Steam)
LV64)Stun Shot: Stuns the target for a short duration. (20% Steam)
LV70)Flaregun: Shoots a flare in the sky removing any cloak effects. (40% Steam)
LV72)Summon Soothing Bot:Summons a Soothing Bot to heal the party. (40% Steam) (Max pets 1)
LV74)Town in a box:Summons a Town in the box at your location for 5Minutes they offer the basic things like repairs, potions, etc. (100% Steam) (Out of combat only)
LV76)Chainsaw:Channels a Chainsaw for you can do damage near the enemy.
LV80)Plasma Launcher: Causes heavy electric damage. (80% Steam)
LV82)Activate Helipack: Allows you to fly in the air for awhile. (50% Steam)
LV84)Glue gun:Sticks the enemy in place for a long duration. (30% Steam)
LV86)Flash bomb: throws a flash bomb at the enemy blinding and stunning them for a short duration. (40% Steam)
LV88)Robosuit: Activates your Robosuit increases your Defense and Attack by X%?. (50% Steam)
LV90)Atomic Bomb: Throws a Atomic bomb at the enemy doing massive damage to any targets including party members near it.

[u]Questions & Answers[u]
Well I finally completed the class idea, took forever lol. anywas here some questions I wanted to get out of the way.

-Q.What going to happen to the Engineering profession?
A.Nothing, they are both separate entities, however Tinkers benefit the most from the profession.

-Q.Is the Tinker a pet class?
A.Depends on the spec however both the Gizmo, and Robotic Tinker use pets just in a different way.

-Q.What if some of the things you listed already exist in the game?
A.They should be replaced with something else, or they can only be for show when not used by the main job. (EX:Clockwork bot)

-Q.Why do elemental shots consume attachments?
A.You infuse your weapon with a elemental attachment that allows the shot to go off.

-Q.Much of the leather armor is for Druids and won't look good for a Tinker.
A.Of course if a class like this is introduced they would get leather that looks good for the class. And if a Tinker wears leather that is for druids that is his choice.

-Q.What is the main stat that Tinker focus on?

-Q.Why didn't you just adjust your old thread?
-A.Many of the post are about the older formats of the thread so I decided to start anew. I also believe this idea doesn't need many adjustments..... well ok maybe on the steam Quantities lol.
Anyways guys thank you all who support this idea and I really hope it catches blizzard eye. If you like the idea put a

(1) for like
(2) for dislike
(3) for maybe
Hmm no suggestions, ideas?
Been awhile since I posted this thread, I think its well build but I never got any responses lol. any ideas, opinions, etc? and do you guys think the class would be able to work in the game?

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