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Despite being pretty much unspoken 90% of the time i do want to add my name to the list of people who want to have more features for character customization. I could easily add my father, and uncle to that list (darkhelmuted, and Arcturia - alexstrazsa) despite their refusal to use the forums . . .

Beyond that the argument has already been made it's just a matter of persistently pestering till the goal has been reached
01/19/2012 08:23 PMPosted by Scyl
if you're doing new models then I would like more options like choose height,fat/slim etc...

yes this we need to look different just add the option and we can make the chars look how we want. and give those poor trolls some shoes :(
Please update other races too.

I am tired of race changing my toons one by one to a blood elf or even a draenei because all the races came before BC are too dated. And what comes after BC are just too ugly.
As I have said at the start of the expansion. Very close* to 100% of players spend nearly 100% of their time in game with their character models on screen. It is not uncommon to have OTHER players' character models on screen. Unless a lot of work is put into keeping the textures of MoP very primitive, that will amount to a constant and painful visual contrast. Updating the older races can wait, but it will make every last visual you work on WORSE so long as you do. *I remain convinced that some very small number of players play the game fully zoomed in, as some sort of bizarre 1st Person Shooter mode.
I'm certain that a lot of players would really appreciate updated models, even if it's not something they think about every day. Transmogrification is such a hit because in RPG's, people love to customize their character. How we look is a pretty big deal, even to those not into role playing.

I totally appreciate the danger in 'changing' the look that people have got used to, but the distinction in quality was clear when Blood Elves/Dreanei came out, it was blown out of the water when Worgen/Goblins arrived, and I hate to think how far in the past we'll look when Pandaren arrive. Sooner or later it'll need to be done, and in my humble opinion, the sooner the better.

Not only do char models need to be updated, we need more customization options. I hate looking exactly like someone else!
Oh, a wishlist of:

-female tauren slickback horns brought back
-shoes for Farhandl
-no steroid BC era trolls
-human males who are off the 'roids
-female trolls who can run without having a hip/knee displacement
-more colour range for both skin and hair for all races (especially undead skin/hair)

Ah.....if only.....

Battlemaster Sostra - Frostmourne.
Character models are fine for me. My view is zoomed out, max camera distance. Characters appear very small on a 1920 x 1200 screen. Any changes would be effectively invisible to me, except for the few occasions where I zoom in to see what a new item looks like.
Mists will be (if its even possible) the end of WoW, or at least the decline, It strays from the original lore from the WC3 games which was what was most appealing about the game.

The expansion should be called "The Rise of the Lunar Festival" because it looks like a bloody seasonal all together.
So my question is, Why not transfer *more resources to getting new player models out if a whole lot of people want to see them right this moment? Do we as a people need to gather 1 thousand signatures to make this happen or is it a "Too bad, soo sad" situation?

Sutei - Daggerspine

We're elbow deep in designing new gear sets

Maybe have a little chat to the design team about designing something that looks good. Don't get me wrong, I know I couldn't do a better job, but then again I'm not an artist. They could do so much more in terms of badassery when it comes to armor/weapons.
For real! I feel like they were on their way to greatness between Wrath and mid Cata (Season 9-10 PvP gear aswell) but I think it might be on its way out (seeing the new JP/VP CP/HP vendor gear)

Next thing that's going to happen is stuff's gunna get all Asian monkish because of this Panda Bear expansion and Ill be running around in white pants and no shirt as a Paladin...
01/25/2012 04:46 AMPosted by Fugubar
Character models are fine for me. My view is zoomed out, max camera distance. Characters appear very small on a 1920 x 1200 screen. Any changes would be effectively invisible to me, except for the few occasions where I zoom in to see what a new item looks like.

You dont want your troll to put on shoes? or have less of a Nelf proportioned body?
I also dont understand; They dont give a !@#$ what people think when they nerf a class every other patch, or when they change my talen points around and tweek the wording of an ability.. So why do they care so much to actually improve something? I'd like to play an undead and actually care about what my armor looks like because I dont have massive missing pieces in my knees and elbows.
The only things I'd like to see changed are:

1. Worgen casting animations. I swear, they are going to throw a shoulder out if they keep flailing like that!

2. Human humping animations. It is a strange pleasure many of us have for bouncing about when running through town/dungeons, and humans have this sad pogo-stick quality.

Leaving on a positive note: I love everything else! I don't want shoes on my trolls and faces don't matter when I am staring at the back of my toon's head.

01/19/2012 08:06 PMPosted by Neonrain
Right now it's just difficult to give any sort of estimate on when new models might be available. Whenever a new expansion is in development there are many, many requests for new art assets. We're elbow deep in designing new gear sets, fleshing out the environments, finishing up several new creature models, etc.

I'm not going to deny the importance of these things, but surely new character models should be a high priority. Gear will come and go, we'll out level zones and kill all it's new shiny creatures.

But our characters are the ones who will be with us that whole time, and beyond. We're quickly becoming a sore thumb in an ever increasingly detailed world that surrounds us, with even some of the new gloves having more detail on them than the older models faces.

So while i'm sure everybody appreciates the effort the art teams puts in to making everything around us look so good, I humbly ask your no doubt over worked art team to work on changing the thing we see most. Besides, I bet a lot of them would be chomping at the bit for a chance at doing it!

You pretty much stated every thought formulating in my head.
01/19/2012 06:39 PMPosted by Loffe
Just update human males and I'll be happy. Their faces look like potatoes and their noses have this weird discoloration that bothers me so very much.

I agree with the humans needing a little updating...
The men look short and wide to me.
The females could be more feminine but thats a w.e. My big deal is the mean are short and stocky.

Or pigtail braids... but with bangs, like, the swoop. Not like Nelf tails, where the hair is all slicked back ): Looks gross.

Funny my gf feels the same. She hates soem of the new hair since a lot of it looks "greasey"
elbow deep


Cows would be nice if they could walk into entrances without bumping their heads, also in warsong - grabbing the berserk buff and not being able to walk out is kinda of embarrassing. Having opposing forces /em poke, dance, laugh, clap, flex at me, makes me a sad cow.

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