LF Resto Sham, Prot War and MORE! DS10 6/8HM

Guild Recruitment
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About us
- Covenant of Osiris (Eldre'Thalas-US-EST-PVE) is a 10-person raiding guild.
- Raid times: Tue/Thu/Sun 8:30pm to 11 or 11:30pm (EST)
- Current Progression: Dragon Soul 6/8 HM
- Previous Tier - Firelands 6/7HM - Glory of the Firelands Raider Completed
- Achievements: Realm First "Don't Stand So Close to Me", Realm First "Minutes to Midnight", Realm Second "Taste the Rainbow"
- Guild level 25

Currently open for recruiting:
High Priority:
Resto Shaman
Prot Warrior

Medium Priority:
Shaman DPS
Warrior DPS
Death Knight Tank

Low Priority:
Death Knight DPS

We're looking for people who:
- are mature and respectful players who can integrate WOW into their lives in a healthy way without harming work and family - we understand that sometimes real life gets in the way and do not require 100% attendance - although we are looking for someone who can at least raid 2/3 days;
- are committed to raiding progression and achievements even if it means lots of dying;
- are raid-ready by being geared for Dragon Soul (at least 380 ilvl PvE gear), gear is gemmed and enchanted, complete with rep farming, and are willing to bring food and flasks to raids for themselves as needed;
- are excellent players who pull off the highest play possible within the limits of their gear, maintain situational awareness and survivability, and stay current on game changes/patches;
- are willing to both listen and speak during raids; and
- are committed to their main character with time to make the majority of raids.

If you're interested in applying, please visit http://covenantofosiris.enjin.com/recruitment and fill out a application. You can also contact me, Furormalic or anyone from the guild in-game for more information or any questions you may have.
WTB Protector Token users!
Still need a resto shaman!
Hi Lingfabao. I have been searching for a raid group. I will make a character on your server and try to contact you tonight.
Hey there! I'm afk Till the end of the week but if you an find Furormalic he would be happy to talk to you!
Still looking for Shammys - maybe a warrior?

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