Blackfire Sanctorm :

We are primarily a 10man raiding guild. As a raiding guild, we put progression first - period. Members are expected to put the guild's progression ahead of their characters' and will do whatever it takes to assist the guild in moving forward.

We are currently 1/8 Heroic in DS and 6/7 Heroic in Firelands

What we are looking for:

v Warlock
v Restoration Shaman
v Elemental Shaman
v Frost DK
v Shadow Priest

v We are always looking for other exceptional players.

What we expect:

Ø Since we are trying to keep our raiders from sitting on the sidelines, we expect near 100% attendance.
Ø Dedicated raiders that put the raid ahead of themselves
Ø Understanding of all aspects of your class
Ø Ability to adapt and learn quickly.
Ø Near 100% attendance
Ø Ability to take criticism and quickly address issues.
Ø The ability determine the time for fun\joking and the time to be serious

If you are interested or have any further questions please feel free to contact:

Mañapause (ALT 164) - Guild Master
Darnassian, Perox – Officers

Raiding Schedule:
Tuesday: 6:30 -9pm Server
Wednesday: 6-9pm Server
Thursday: 7-9pm Server


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