Tanking with the Shammy/Hunter looms

So I finally made my Pally ( which will be Prot ). Right now the looms I have are the two int trinkets, the Main hand agility sword ( Dal'Rends Sacred Charge I believe ) and the two Hunter/Shaman looms ( The ones that change from leather to mail ). I'm wondering if it's acceptable for me to be tanking in with the two looms ( Shoulder and Chest piece ) or whether i should just replace them with dungeon gear as soon as possible.
Possible but u should probs use at least one plate looms, my pally tank which is level 40 has a plate heirloom shoulder, leather cloak heirloom for teh stam and haste, and a cloth/leather head and i can tank great but once u get to level 60-70+ u have to get rid of the leather head if u do it my way to recieve teh 5% stam bonus plus the armor and u need the outland gear, besides the xp bonus, looms become almost obsolete in high level dungeons
You might as well throw those heirlooms away (at least the trinkets) if you are looking to level as a tank. We get infinite mana these days, and intellect on our gear does not give us spell power (look at the level 10 passive). The agility sword is not going to be a bad choice (especially if you throw crusader on it), but agility chests and shoulders are not good for much more than the stamina they provide. Once you hit level 50, you will miss out on the plate mastery passive, and you may get funny looks from people leveling alts. Justice points are not hard to get these days. Save some up for the tanking or dps plate heirlooms.

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