[A] <Renaissance> is recruiting for MoP!

<Renaissance> is recruiting exceptional and dedicated raiders that can make 2 to 3 raid nights every.

At the moment we are looking about anything as we haven't decided our raid comp yet, we would like healers, tanks and monks however.

Our main raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8-12 PM server time.

To put in an application or learn more, visit our guild site at http://rnaguild.wowstead.com/ or whisper Onikriss, Eladr or Yubarl in-game for more information.

All Hail Lord Revos
Bump because we need more people.
Bumpity bump... For Lord Revos's might!
Alas poor Yubarl! I knew him Horatio.
Bump... Still looking for exceptional core raiders...
All hail Seabrook!
First post updated with some new information.
Bump because we killed Heroic Ultraxion despite having around 6 to 7 people leaving the guild in a 2 week span.
Updated and bump.
First post updated once more, also be sure to check our new site/forum at: http://rnaguild.wowstead.com

It looks awesome!
It looks awesome!

How much did Onikriss pay you to say this?
08/31/2012 09:41 PMPosted by Lukar
It looks awesome!

How much did Onikriss pay you to say this?

You have it all wrong, I paid him for it to look awesome.

Because reasons
You almost had me, once. HOW YOU MUST RUE THAT DAY.

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