Alliance - Bloodsail rep farming

Looking for likeminded folks that want to raise their bloodsail rep to exalted.
I have 2 people that wish to join me but am looking for more seeing as we need practically a full raid group to kill bruisers now.
Please reply if you are interested and we will schedule a day to grind. Thanks
You still looking for people? I would be down to do this
Likewise, i have yet to farm this on my main, so just let me know. Send me in-game mail or try to catch me online.
Im down to do this, preferrably asap as I am intoxicated
I'm interested in doing this... Send me a message for when you're thinking of doing it
I'd Love in on this, add me and message me in game When you want to start doing this
I am interested in this as well. Weekdays during the day work well for me, but I would be willing to go any time.

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