After years of Dual Spec - MULTI-SPEC please!

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Dual spec was introduced to World of Warcraft in patch 3.1 on April 14, 2009. It was the patch that brought you content like The Argent Tournament, and the strongest Nerfbat Blizzard had been seen using since Vanilla smacked DKs to everyone else's relief. Yes, THAT long ago!

As a player who loves to try different aspects of my L85s, I feel that it is time for Blizzard to introduce multi-spec: Tri-spec would be a good start, but I don't see why having 4 or 5 would be such a stretch.

My current "main" is a Druid. I have a PvE tank spec and a PvP arena spec. I would love to have a PvE DPS spec. I also have a banked set of random Boomkin gear that I've collected along the way that I would love to try, but I don't feel like respeccing back and forth, both in talents and glyphs at 140g each way, each time. It's not even really about the money - I'd gladly pay 10,000 gold for a third spec - it's about the hassle.

The way I see it - they have implemented the bulk of the programming and game design considerations already. The dual-spec feature is well-engrained into the game, with it's quirks already worked out. Where there are 2 tabs now, there could be 5. It would likely be just a few dozen lines of carefully placed code...

Please bump this thread if you also want to see this seemingly simple idea implemented ASAP!
Why don't they just make one spec with all the talents, and you can choose any and all the talents that you want, and then you can always play as whatever you want?

Sorry, but dual spec is plenty.
For some reason I've never been able to level a DK. It's not that they are hard, but I just can't seem to get into the game play. The farthest I've gotten is into Hellfire P. and that's it.

But uh... If you really want to, you can just gear up for any spec you like and pay the gold to have it changed. Yes, it's expensive at times, but it's called a gold sink. They gave us the option for two different specs due to different game play styles. Asking for more is just greedy. Even Blizzard knows that we have to stop somewhere with greed. :p

....I'm going to get flamed for that comment, I'm sure.
Greedy? Are you serious?

I've been playing WoW since 2004. Blizzard has gone out of their way to make WoW more user-friendly for almost 8 years. The game came from a time when MMOs were expected to be tedious - so it was pretty tedious at first. Blizzard implemented so many changes that the game is actually smooth and flowing at this point. So few timesinks.

I also said it has nothing to do with the gold. I am never short on Gold in WoW. I would gladly pay 10k for a third spec and 20k for a fourth... maybe even 30k for a fifth.
I actually dislike dual spec, because it has formed the assumption that I as a hybrid is willing to fulfill all possible roles, but I am in fact not. No I will not heal for you. No I will not switch to a resto spec just for this encounter. No I am not going bother farming 2 or more sets of gear. No I will never respond to a "/2 Looking for a healer with dps off spec" advertisement.

I see the benefit of it with PvP/PvE specs but assumption and to extent expectation that it created around Healing/Dps specs has caused me to be annoyed by it.
I agree, I'd at least like the ability to have three specs. My Arcane/Frost mage likes to go fire sometimes, and I hate resetting my bars. I really want my Balance/Resto druid to be able to go feral and play around in that spec. My Holy/Shadow priest would like to have Discipline.

I don't want to have to level another toon just to have access to all three specs of my class. I'd rather not have to spend the better part of an hour changing my bars and keybinds to change the way it is now.

It won't stop at 3 specs then, why would it? The whole things defeats the point of calling it specializing, spec, you're suppose to be a character that is specialized a certain way. If we open the door why not open it all the way and give us access to everything but only able to X amount of spells at a time with weapon, i mean spell load outs. . .
01/22/2012 09:21 AMPosted by Trubbles
Greedy? Are you serious?

To be blunt, it's greedy.

To say more in depth, it's lazy and convenient to have more than two available specs at our disposal. All classes (druid excluded) have three specs. We should have to make some choices in this game, and not be able to flick through the three without concern. Not only that, but we could even go into more things like random spec specifications that work better on certain scenarios, bosses, etc.

The more we get the more we want. We should be content with two, because that at least gives us options. Having more just gives us laziness and makes us more greedy.

LOL .. "lazy and convenient"

You say "convenient" like it's a bad thing.

If you want an inconvenient game, then it because clear years ago that you're in the wrong place.
I would love a tri spec. I no longer pvp anymore because my guild needed me as a dps. So I lost my pvp spec. I would be feral pvp, resto/boomkin pve.
Dual spec is enough.
Dual spec is enough. There are some classes that would require more then three specs. Its to the point that you have to draw a line in the sand and say enough is enough. They have drawn the line at 2.
Everyone says "Dual Spec is Enough", but look at MoP. Look at Scenarios. Something tells me they're going to be very DPS oriented, because the whole point of them is precisely to NOT have a Tank, or Healer necessary.

Which basically means that any of us with a non DPS specced class is screwed. There are a couple of classes that it is more than possible to have two un-DPS specs, and that's even without doubling up. Paladin, and Druid come to mind, as a lot of people I know rolled Tank/Heals. And there's Priests, who have Disc, and Holy, to think about as well. What about people that roll two of the same spec for PvP, and PvE. a double Resto Shaman? Double Blood DK? Sure, it's a bit of a stretch, but Blizzard's motto now seems to be "Anyone can see ANY content, on ANY character class!" So we NEED the option to see all the content, without having to destroy our ability to see the other content.
01/22/2012 09:13 AMPosted by Rastaration
Sorry, but dual spec is plenty.

How many times are the devs/players going to have to say "No"

Duel spec was for Pvp/Pve, but it was used for tank/heal, heal/dps, arena/bg, est. It was not meant to do this.
Really, its called a specialization.

You're going through some raid and this next boss has a bunch of adds. Ok, respecing to my aoe talents. Boss after that is a dps intensive / enrage timer / gear check. Ok, respecing to my single target abilities. Next boss does a lot of aoe damage but dps isn't as important. Ok, respecing to my extra heals or extra defensive capabilities.

Can you see it yet? More specs would just make talents trivial. They should just get rid of talents at that point.
a Tri spec would be great. cause I enjoy all 3 paladin specs on my main and I even have the gear for all 3. it is a bit tiring to reset one of the 2 specs every time I want to use the 3rd one... its a waste of money. even if they made the 3rd spec like 3000g. I would say its worth it.

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