WTS Mounts / Heroic Dragonsoul 8/8H

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Pst in game for more info or real id


also msg your question before you send in game real id request. :D
Bump, have multiple spots open for 6/7H FL, and Firehawk mounts for sale!

Also, <Blood Legion> has officially finished all MEMBERS mount from Heroic Deathwing (25) so if you're looking to buy those we run three heroic DS clears a week if you want to pick them up from us!

Take me right now?! :D

heroic rag gogo
Pureblood Fire Hawks still available on Friday. Many Spots for ICC25 Meta Drake. Come raid and get your mounts/titles from the #1 Guild in the US/EU.
the #1 Guild in the US/EU.

I lol'ed hard. Thanks for the laugh. They also have the best rogue in the world too.
Was wondering if u would be willing to sell heroic rag kills just for the strength trinket and how much u would Charge for that
100k for ICC25 meta is hilarious...There are always multiple pugs every week, and you want 100k? -_- Greedy people are greedy.
Need some Rag buyers + 6/7 H for next week.

I run ICC 25 and Uld 25 Metas every friday and saturday.. Damn.

Blood Legion does it expensive.
I only need the siphon... How much is the price ?

Now selling 8/8H DS25M - Full Loot, 650k - FOR YOUR MAIN SPEC. Starting these run's next raid lock.
selling rag mounts today at (start time) 8:15 cst for 150k!

also need a buyer for another 10m grp on monday 7 cst! PST In game
need a buyer for tonight, 8:15 cst - 150k - we bring you in for rag only!
still need a buyer for tonight
It's because half the server sells this stuff now. Your prices are not close to competitive.

Like your 8/8 DS for example:

Blood Legion: 25Man - 8/8 normal gear run: 350k
Mind Games: 25Man - 8/8 HEROIC gear (including Madness): 375k

Wow, which to choose?

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