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I have been using SpartanUI since Wrath. I love it. I play on a laptop running at 1366x768 (max my computer will go) and the layout of SpartanUI helps keep my computer free of clutter and opens up the visibility for me. Now the problem I have run into is the Creator of SpartanUI has abandoned it. It is not receiving any updates or bug fixes. With the large updates that have been ignored there are now LUA errors quite a bit, and in DS none of the buttons show up that are supposed to.

As much as it would throw me off for a while, does anyone know if of another UI that is graphically setup similar.. map in the middle bottom, bars double stacked on each side, etc...

Thanks for all the help. I have been browsing wowinterface but I have yet to come across one yet.

Maintained copy of Spartan:

RDX based rework of Spartan:
Would the RDX Version be the better one to choose? I read the one on Healbot, it states he isnt supporting it, not to post bugs etc...
Well the one on healbot site means he's not the author, not adding new features and not troubleshooting when people have trouble with the UI. After all it's not his creation. But he is maintaining it through the patches and keeping it relatively bug free so it's not that you'd be getting an unusable copy. You don't need to worry about that. After all only unitframes are really the problem with spartanUI that he fixes when patches hit. The rest are separate addons that you can update yourself (like bartender or titanpanel or healbot etc.).

But RDX is a very good alternative. RDX (which you need in order to run the rdx spartan skin), you should read about a bit in the addon description. It is a complete UI replacement that allows you to make your own custom elements and stuff, without downloading a separate addon for it. It is not the usual approach to the UIs, but if you're willing to put some time into it to learn it if you want to change stuff or add custom work of your own, I think it would be rewarding.

Ultimately it's up to you...
I had to dump SpartanUI a while back since even the fan update was not being updated as well as I would have liked. (And I just dumped all my addons and started over fresh anyway.)

Interestingly, I'm still using the default action bars and haven't felt the need to replace them yet. I haven't even installed Bartender4. So far pretty much everything I've wanted to do was added to the default UI so I'm relatively happy with it.

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