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Back at the release of Cataclysm, it was a beautiful thing. When we changed stances, we would roar. When we did a shout or popped a cooldown, we would roar.

It made you feel like a berserking monster machine of destruction! It was one of my favorite things about my Worgen Warrior.

Then a patch came in, and it was gone. It was posted that it would be brought back in a future patch, but it has almost been a year and no sign yet. It has made me very sad :(

I'm not sure if it was forgotten about with all thats going on over there, but this is a friendly reminder that many of us LOVED it to death.

I wouldn't mind if only I was the one to hear it (for those who can't stand the sound). Please please squeeze it back in soon :)


Old Blue Post from Bashiok 04/28/2011
You don't like it when we take stuff away from you!? ;P

So the actual issue was that there was a bug where emote /attacktarget for goblin and worgen played the sounds associated with both /roar and /attack at the same time, which sounded broken. Since no other race but goblin and worgen have roar sounds, the fix for the bug was to make them behave the same as all other races by removing the sounds.

I know, I know, but it's done. OR IS IT!?

Obviously people miss their roar sounds. What we're going to do is hook the goblin/worgen roar sounds back up in a 'future patch' (it's not hotfixable), hurray, and then attempt to record /roar sounds for all the other races to add to the game in a patch after that.

Goblin/worgen, unfortunately lose their roars for a short while, but in the end everyone wins! Or at least roars.


Roarrior Addon by Choonster

Just like before the patch that took the old roars away, this addon uses the old worgen roar sound file with many of the warrior cooldowns (and stance changes), just like it used to.

This works with all races! For non-worgens, it uses the /roar sound file.

A quick update: I've decided to upload the AddOn to Curse and WoW Interface. You can now download and install it as you would any other AddOn.

You can find it here once it's been approved:
Patch (Insert number here)

Fun and cool - Nerfed
A quick update: I've decided to upload the AddOn to Curse and WoW Interface. You can now download and install it as you would any other AddOn.


Good news everyone! I've written a small AddOn that roars when you use various Warrior abilities (e.g. shouts/cooldowns) just for you. I call it Roarrior (aren't I just hilarious?).

To make the AddOn, save the following code blocks with the name and extension specified (make sure you don't save them as .txt files) and then move them to a new folder called Roarrior in your Interface\AddOns folder.

Roarrior.toc## Title: Roarrior
## Interface: 40300
## Notes: Roars when you use various Warrior moves. Edit the core.lua file to add/remove spells.
## Author: Choonster


core.lua-- These are the spellIDs that will trigger a roar.
-- You can add more to the end using the same format.
-- You can change true to false to disable roaring for that spell.

local SPELL_IDS = {
[2457] = true, -- Battle Stance
[71] = true, -- Defensive Stance
[2458] = true, -- Berserker Stance
[6673] = true, -- Battle Shout
[5246] = true, -- Intimidating Shout
[1161] = true, -- Challenging Shout
[1160] = true, -- Demoralizing Shout
[469] = true, -- Commanding Shout
[871] = true, -- Shield Wall
[20230] = true, -- Retaliation
[1719] = true, -- Recklessness
[55694] = true, -- Enraged Regeneration
[97462] = true, -- Rallying Cry
[46924] = true, -- Bladestorm
[12292] = true, -- Death Wish
[12975] = true, -- Last Stand
[12323] = true, -- Piercing Howl
[85730] = false, -- Deadly Calm (I've disabled this by default because although it's a cooldown, it's not really an "angry" spell)

} -- Add spells above this bracket

local SOUND_ONLY = true
-- If this is set to true, only you will hear the roar.
-- If this is set to false, you will actually do the /roar emote each time.

---------------END OF CONFIG---------------
--Do not change anything below this line!--
local ROAR;
local PLAYER_GUID = UnitGUID("player")

local subEvents = {
SPELL_MISS = true,

do -- Generate the path to the player's roar sound and store it in the ROAR variable
local classicRaces = {
["Human"] = true,
["Dwarf"] = true,
["Gnome"] = true,
["NightElf"] = true,
["Orc"] = true,
["Troll"] = true,
["Tauren"] = true,
["Undead"] = true

local bcRaces = {
["Draenei"] = true,
["BloodElf"] = true

local function SoundSub(str, sex, race) --Quick wrapper function around string.gsub that substitutes %s for the sex and %r for the race
return str:gsub("%%([sr])", function(letter)
if letter == "s" then
return sex
elseif letter == "r" then
return race

local sex = UnitSex("player") == 2 and "Male" or "Female"
local race = select(2, UnitRace("player")):gsub(" ", "") -- Remove spaces from the race name

if race == "Scourge" then -- UnitRace returns "Scourge", but the sound file uses "Undead"
race = "Undead"

if classicRaces[race] then --The player is one of the original eight races
ROAR = SoundSub("Sound\\Character\\PlayerRoars\\CharacterRoars%r%s.ogg", sex, race)
elseif bcRaces[race] then --The player is a BC race (Draenei or Blood Elf)
ROAR = SoundSub("Sound\\Character\\%r\\%r%s_Roar01.ogg", sex, race)
else --The player is a Worgen or Goblin
ROAR = SoundSub("Sound\\Character\\PC%r%s\\VO_PC%r%s_Roar01.ogg", sex, race)

local f = CreateFrame("Frame")
f:SetScript("OnEvent", function(self, _, ...)
local timestamp, event, hideCaster, sourceGUID, sourceName, sourceFlags, sourceRaidFlags, destGUID, destName, destFlags, destRaidFlags, spellId, spellName, spellSchool = ...

if subEvents[event] and SPELL_IDS[spellId] and sourceGUID == PLAYER_GUID then
if SOUND_ONLY then

To change between doing the /roar emote and just playing the sound on your end and to add/remove spells, you'll need to edit the core.lua file, following the instructions in the comments (the lines starting with --).
Working as intended....

You were never meant to do the voice over roar as often as you did...

The "fix" the GM was talking about was putting the sound back in correctly.
dunno i think werewolves should roar alot...

...and not sniffle so much
A quick update: I've decided to upload the AddOn to Curse and WoW Interface. You can now download and install it as you would any other AddOn.

You can find it here once it's been approved:
Oh wow, thank you so much for that addon!

A question though, do they still have the original worgen roar back when we used our abilities? Or did they remove it and only add the /roar we hear today? :)

I will definitely download this.


Bump and goodmorning everyone!
I installed it and hopped on my old worgen warrior, I popped all the cooldowns he had but no roar.

Is there a specific way to install it? I put it in the proper spot with my other addon folders.
(Also Curse has a 404)
It turns out I was trying to record the player's GUID (used to determine who cast a spell) too early. I've got that issue fixed, but after a bit of testing I found that the Worgen roar sound files I was using aren't the ones used by the /roar emote. I'm not sure if I've got the exact sound files now, but they sound fairly similar to the /roar emote.

Now I'm just testing every other race/gender combination to make sure I'm using the right /roar sounds. The original testing was done on an Orc male, so I didn't notice the difference with the Worgen until after your post.

I'm also considering splitting the spellID table into separate events so instant-cast spells don't trigger a roar twice.

The new version should be available on Curse/WoW Interface some time later today.
I've just released v1.1 which fixed the bug and added several new features. See Curse or WoW Interface for details.
Good morning and thankyou sir!

Before the roar was removed it was indeed a different roar from the worgen /roar emote we have today. I'm anxious to see if you found the old one.

Downloading now :)
Tested it on my old worgen warrior, and it works!

I do believe that is the old roar (not sure how many the worgen originally had), and he sounds awesome now.

I wonder if the human form ever had their own roar sounds for cooldowns? I never checked long ago, but probably not.

Much appreciation sir, going to add this to my first post for any others seeking this.
Good morning.

Another day, another howdeedoo.

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