Highly experienced Combat PvE Rogue

LF Core DS heroic group. (40k+ dps on ultrax) 250 shadowy gems- Recent transfer- PST!
55k+ on Madness..

So many Heroic Morchok attempts I understand the fight completely. (I can take every stomp)

Willing to join a 1/8 HM.

Looking for Heroic oriented guild.

Little information about me.

I began playing the game on Skullcrusher Horde, During my time playing in prebc I was in the premier raiding guilds in the world (Nightmares Asylum) I started with them in UBRS and ended with them in AQ40.. I can honestly say I can't remember missing a raid (2 years) (They transferred off Skullcrusher). When vanilla WoW came to end after a 5 month break I jumped back into WoW both PvP and PvE. I leveled a Night Elf rogue on the realm Stormreaver and joined my fellow guild mates under the name "Eminence" once again. We had had Black Temple cleared by the middle of season 2 and in our prime were ranked #1 server, #1 battlegroup, #5 US, top #25 World.

After my time with Eminence my motivation to continue "Hardcore" raiding was completetly diminished. The extent of my raiding experience in WOTLK was with High Caliber, Insomnia and The Driven: we had one of the first Descent into madness kills (25) *on KT(6/04/09)..
After raiding NAXX/Ulduar and everything prior (in a semi-hardcore environment) I knew I needed a break from raiding... I really had no interest to continue raiding, PvE in my eyes was becoming very linear. From that point on I lead pugs in ICC while mainly focusing on PvP. Given I don't have the best PvE gear I can assure you if given a trial I will not only fulfill my required & appointed role but also do my best to be #1 on the damage meter. In season 3 of Burning Crusade I finished #14th on Nightfal battlegroup with Ret Rogue in 2v2, and 8th in 3v3 with Double Rogue Druid (Nightfall BG).

In Season 4 I finished rank 3rd in 2v2 with Double Rogue and 5th with Double Rogue Druid. I recieved Gladiator both season. This week I was ranked 8th in 3v3 on Exodars battlegroup (Retaliation) with Priest Mage Rogue and hunting the #1 spot, top 50 in 2v2 with just 34 games played.. I'm more than willing to discuss any details or questions over skype/ ventrilo (might be easier to articulate on both sides).
Sorry for misspelling/ punctuation/ grammar.. Dinner soon in a rush :P
Normal is different than Raidfinder bubs >:[
01/20/2012 04:51 PMPosted by Mahiq
Normal is different than Raidfinder bubs >:[

I know :)

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