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Guys I'm back!
YAY!! :3
We missed you
butt plug
omg! you said something other then bump!!! O_O
sorry, damn spell check.
lol...bump = butt plug? :P
for sure!
Hmm i didnt know that o:
you forgot the "b"!!
I uess I did orget the "b"

Its okay

An act or habit of misusing words ridiculously, esp. by the confusion of words that illustrate that you are full of shït.
o.o you dont say..

Having the ability to m@sturbate successfully with both hands.
That is nice to know

The act of having tons of sex right before a break up.
Oh my... your just full of information arent you o:

To describe an event where a drug user, high on methamphetimine (aka "yaba") is in a paranoid/psychotic state, rips off either his own or somebody else's genitals and throws them.

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