cant add friends battle tag

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Hello, for some reason whenever my friend and I try to add eachothers battle tags it never works. we can add specific characters but not eachother battle tags. anyone know why? thanks!
The battle tags aren't fully enabled yet, they've been added to, but not to any of the game software as far as I know. If you are IRL friends then you can use the realID system where you add each other's WoW e-mail addresses to your friend's lists. I say IRL friends because it will display your real life name to them. With that and some basic info that typically comes up in conversations, it would be really easy to find your IRL location.

If you aren't IRL friends, then you'll probably have to wait until the next patch/hotfix for battle tags to work. I remember when they were first announced they seemed to be associated with the release of Diablo III, so that could be when they'll be fully incorporated into all the blizzard games.
ya we were IRL friends. and Ooo i meant the real IDs, whenever we add eachothers email addresses it doesnt work
Is your friend on a trial account? If so, RealID doesn't work on them.
In addition to the possible cause being your friend is a trial, realID is something that can be enabled/disabled in the social settings. If your friend is on a fully paying account then it's possible that one of you has realID disabled.
ooooo okay ya that must be the reason. thanks guy :)
what do IRL mean
what do IRL mean

In the future please don't' necro old posts this one is over a year old. Wow is an ever changing game and bringing up out of date info to the front page is never fun.

To answer your question IRL means In Real Life. :)

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