<Symmetry> 3Day 12/16 LF 1Dps!!

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Looking for a lock or boomkin for mop. We currently farm 8/8 hm ds in about an hour and 15 min
still looking
Looking for a new tank to possibly be mt or ot for Mop
Looking for one dps
Bump for a healer and a few dps. Specifically LF Rogue and Ele/Enh/Res Shaman
hey priest:shadow 396 raid looking for good guild to join for MoP Raiding ect
Still LF shaman or rogue dps
are you guys still looking for players?
Are u still looking for shaman?
Yes, we are still looking. A boomkin, Shaman, a tank with a good DPS OS or really any solid players at this point, just to round out the team. Also, if you are interested in rolling a Monk of any spec, we're very interested in that too. We're clearing DS is about an hour now and wanting to cruise into MoP with our team set and ready to hit the ground running. To join, submit an application at http://symmetry-us.enjin.com.
Looking for one more ranged dps for our core.
bump looking for shaman dps or heals
bump looking for shaman heals and a ranged dps or two
looking for a ranged dps or a priest healer
Still Looking

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