Show off your transmogs!

Listen babe, you gotta keep up. The world is changin'. Everything these days is now, now, now; faster, faster, faster; me, me, me; murder, murder, murder.
Need better gloves...but turquoise and gold.
How I wish T11 would have looked.
Here's mine...
here you are
/flex transmog
dis my new transmoggy
There's a priest on this server that has the best tmogs I've seen. I think her name was Glowiel.
Nantale that is so pretty :o
I am missing one piece for my transmog which i hope to get soon and until then im just having some fun with this look lol. I do like the pose he takes tho

Just finished mine
03/10/2012 09:48 PMPosted by Pumkins
Nantale that is so pretty :o

Thank you :D
here is a set im pretty happy with xD
Me! I do however prefer my T2.5 but it only looks good on Undead in my opinion. Oh how we can dream for the Darkmoon F ever getting T3 placeholders for transmog. Sadface.
Mines the best yet... (transferring soon.. sorry if I crashed your forum) =D
I like my transmorg set. Just browsed the AH and wowhead to find gear matching my Guild tabard
White, white and more white! Just because =)
Finally got my boots to drop so I can use the full T6. Love this set.
I have 2 really nice sets for priests. Shiro on earthen ring to see my mixed set and also taking season 2 priest set with the ulduar 25 helm looks really sick with a matching weapon. I use the Heroic LK mace.
The Purple Pirate!

T6, TwinBlade of the Phoenix.

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