Large Brilliant Shards

Presently the price for a Large Brilliant Shard is rediculously high. This has lead to the enchants using these being rediculously high. There are two solutions that together would help solve this issue.

The problem itself came about because of the changes to classic dungeons dropping the item level of gear from Dire Maul, Scholomance, and Stratholme which were major sources for this material as well as materials used by crafters that could be disenchanted for a chance at these. The dungeons that still have items that can produce a Large Brilliant Shard are often taken as upgrades rather than disenchanted.

There are two solutions that will correct this that follow the pattern introduced in TBC. The first is to allow small shards to be combined similar to Formula: Large Prismatic Shard. The other is to change Nexus Transformation to convert Nexus Crystal into Large Brilliant Shard instead of Small Prismatic Shard. Nexus Transformation is no longer required for the need that it did back when it was created in TBC.
Its fine. The price varies widely by server but on average they aren't that bad.

There are other enchanting mats that go for just as much or more and are rarer. If its not urgent just wait someone will end up posting them for much cheaper and bring the price down. In the last 2 days some sold for as low as 7g 50s on your realm (need to log in to Undermine Journal see sold data)

Since you are an enchanter just take advantage of the price and make some gold.

There is no easily crafted item that yields Large Brills at a practical rate, which is why they are relatively rare.

They can be farmed to the level of "as may as you need personally" by running BRD or BRS on a high level Enchanter. It is harder to argue that there is a need for an industrial level of supply, ie the kind of quantities that a crafter would use to mass produce things. Enchanters need 8 LBSs total to make their rods; any more than that is a gold-making enterprise, and there is no particular reason for Blizzard to mess with that. If they increase supply it will just reduce profit-per-item anyway.

Currently Small Brilliants are a very cheap and easy way to level Enchanting through the more difficult 275-300 range. Making them combine to make Larges would take that away as a cheap path.
The price is fine as is.

The reason why its so high is because it's used to many heirloom enchants, twink enchants, and a couple BiS classics enchants, hence the greater demand.

I have a leveling priest that is an enchanter and I have no problems getting this item it is not rare. The reason its expensive is due to the higher than average demand for them, when compared to other shards. Except heavenly shards.

Whenever I que for a random classics dungeon I heal so its nearly instant, between the level range of 42-58 I get the Sachet of Helpful Goods, I open it up loot a blue item disenchant it and loot a shard, with guild procs I get two.

Even as I run The Burning Crusade dungeons level 58-65 in a random que I get Sachet of Helpful Goods open the loot and DE it, collect 1-2 shards.

If you are leveling a enchanter running level 42-65 random dungeon que, all your sachet of helpful goods you get DE into large brilliant shards.

I have collected plenty of these shards in my priest alt from the Sachet of Helpful Goods DE, made scrolls, and have earned over 6K off leveling enchanting to 350, which isn't bad for a level 66 now, and I can pay for epic flying without worry.
I think you've all missed the point. The whole point of what I've suggested is to make the price of LBS more reasonable for everyone. This includes enchants used for Heirloom items.

I'm more than aware of the prices, Corbert, and I'm aware of the enchants. When I sell enchants the price changes based on the cost of materials, not the profit I'm seeking. That remains constant. The price on LBS does not crash, additionally I bought those shards when I saw them.

Thrugg, you've argued against your own arguement because you failed to understand what I suggested for turning 3 small shards into a large one. This would be a formula, not a use like dream shards or heavenly shards. The reason I provided the link to the large prismatic shard is that converting via a trade skill takes additional thought and understanding that a new player might lack. They'll also be able to decide when to convert those small brilliant shards into large ones when they need them. You're also assuming everyone has a high-level enchanter. You also pointed out craftables

Not everyone picks a class that can heal or tank, Urbersproak, so citing on the Sachet of Helpful Goods is less than useful for these people because they are more likely to quest to level rather than wait out the long queue times.

The bottom line is this: the dungeons players use to run while leveling that generated the majority of large brilliant shards were dropped to levels that don't even give small brilliant shards in several cases. The natural supply was diminished without making corrections.
Pretty much everybody who takes professions seriously does have a high-level enchanter, and everybody who is going to be using Large Brilliant Shards definitely does. It only takes one person with the recipe to drive the price of Smalls up from 50s each to 1/3 of the price of Larges, whatever that may be. So I don't see how I am arguing against myself.
01/23/2012 01:42 PMPosted by Thrugg
They can be farmed to the level of "as may as you need personally"
01/23/2012 02:34 PMPosted by Rory
The bottom line is this: the dungeons players use to run while leveling that generated the majority of large brilliant shards were dropped to levels that don't even give small brilliant shards in several cases. The natural supply was diminished without making corrections.

Yes but you have not made the point that this correction is necessary. For example if blizzard instead just changed the mats on the rod so players need 4 shards and not 8 would'nt this correct the issue for the players that its important too?

Heirloom enchants are sold to 85's for them the price has no bad effects, its just a minor gold sink in a game that needs more gold sinks.

you are 85, go farm Dire Maul for a while.
Is there really that much of a calling for Large Brill Shards? I have stacks of them from my days of running Scholo countless times for that stupid horse that never dropped. I have used them for some enchants of leveling characters, and check them on the AH every so often, but I just don't see a large market for them. The price is high simply because the quanity is low, not so much because the demand is that great
The price on my server, which is a pretty average server in all things, is 15-20g each, with maybe 100+ on the AH. Is that the price point that you think is too much? Or is your server a higher price?
01/23/2012 08:11 PMPosted by Varaconn
Or is your server a higher price?

Op's server is 60g right now , 30g on average and a spike as low as 10g 2 days ago.
Did you know some pvp blues can be bought for as low as 50 honor and make those large brilliant shards? They fluctuate a lot, because many twink recipes require them in multiple, and they're willing to pay very high prices if necessary. If they get absurdly high on your server, you are an enchanter, milk it for all its worth.
01/23/2012 07:10 PMPosted by Arkthan
you are 85, go farm Dire Maul for a while.

You're thinking of pre-4.x Dire Maul. Dire Maul doesn't have anything in that ilvl range anymore.
So far the discussion has dwelled on Small Brilliant Shards with no input regarding Nexus Transformation.
I personally dislike ideas like this that homogenize everything. Why do they have to be cheaper? The answer isn't what you suggest, it is like with every other shortage. GO FARM more if you want them. As it stands you can sell them for more because they are more rare, you can sell the scrolls for more also.
Im all for upping the level of mobs (and related drops) in Scholomance and Stratholme :) Problem solved!
I respectfully disagree with having another path to create the shards. I think a reasonable system is in place as nexus crystals are too plentiful and logic would suggest this would saturate the twink enchant market. This is, of course, a biased opinion as I sell these patterns regularly, however, this is also the profession forums so I believe being biased is what it's all about!

There are still places to farm these shards rather easily. For an Alliance character such as yourself, I would suggest going to LBRS and UBRS. You can skip most trash and get 10 or so large brilliant shards (UBRS has a few less I believe) per run in approximately 15-20 minutes.

So how is it that Blizz doesn't have the same standards that make logical sense: I.E. Small prismatic to Large prismatic or motes to primal, etc. Instead Nexxus to Large Brilliants, what? Why isn't there similar logic to similar items? That still doesn't make sense. I LIKE the idea of Small Brilliants to Large Brilliants - I think it is a brilliant idea...
Their was no standard in classic, and the nexus actually got changed early 2.0 because of a shortage of shards and too many nexus.

When you include inflation, large brilliants are cheaper now then they where in classic. It was much harder to get the 7-14 gold in classic then the 20-30g the are worth now.

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