"Transexual" censored by filter

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Care to give us some insight as to why this is a bad word, blues?
Dreamcrusher D*@*#

Lotta things are censored...
Why shouldn't it be?

Also: G#*%%s, the!!#%#%, d#*%%s, #*%! Cheney. . .
Some things aren't meant to be discussed in a game rated T for Teen?

Blizzard can control their content, they need to be pretty firm with what things we can say.
It's not the word so much as how the community uses it.
Plz remove this thread before fire war starts in general discussion.

Please blues?
I love how homosexual is also sensored... didn't know my sexual orientation was considered bad by Blizzard.
Dreamcrusher D%%!@

Lotta things are censored...


well op blizzard wants to maintain its wholesome family image....bwhhaaa I cant say it with a straight face
What's most strange is that, last I checked, "!@@" and "gay" are not censored.

Ah. Well, the first one is censored in the forums at least, though not in-game. (First one is used most commonly used as a derogatory insult towards people with a same-sex orientation)
Dreamcrusher D*%#%

Lotta things are censored...

Omg..that made my day... Censored weapon

I know huh? And by censoring it my mind puts much worse things than what's actually there in it's place.

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