<Bajheeras Army> Recruiting for RBG's!!!

Hello Darkspear! <Bajheeras Army> is recruiting more for our RBG Groups!

Currently we have 1 PVE Group, and Three RBG Groups Scheduled and starting this week.

We are in need of:
Death Knights

We are recruiting Low-High Experienced Players, Current Rating does not matter, we are running groups for Low Rated Players and High Rated!

Contact Tyrozine in-game or ask for a Officer!
I love the idea of this guild, so I can't not give it a bump, hope the guild is going strong already!
Looks like i need to make another warrior, this time on Darkspear
We don't need more alliance. Stormwind is too crowded already.
Thanks for the comments! We've grown incredibly fast and it's really going well. We have a fun environment for all types of players. PVP/PVE/ High rated and Low rated. After all this is a game, the point is to enjoy it!
Sounds like the perfect guild for me & I am transferring to Darkspear later today... I'll contact one of you in game tonight.
Myself and a Hero of the Horde dk friend are xferring here soon. We're interested in an rbg group. We'd love to get more info on this
any requirmenst for the pvp or just if the guild needs it your in??
i'd like to join ~ thanks
necro much
I just came back to the game because of Bajheera. I was wondering if you recruited people not 90?
MSG a member. Waiting for an officer :)
Disc priest here! :D Just hit me up in guild.
whats the requirement for each group
I like turtles
Bumping the thread for a great guild with great people. <3
Are you guys still recruiting?

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