<Bajheeras Army> Recruiting for RBG's!!!

hey i will be server changing on thursday and my friend is in BA and i will be joining for RBG's geared affliction lock
10/23/2012 05:32 AMPosted by Adiyoo
I just came back to the game because of Bajheera. I was wondering if you recruited people not 90?

You came back to the game cause of a bad warrior? I feel sorry for you.

I didn't know 2200 was bad nowadays
I was wondering wondering if i could join your guild. I watch your youtube videos and it would be awsome if i can join. I am a low level now but i wont be soon. I have another level 90.
Full dread/malevolent lock LF competitive RBG exp, would love to join.
Didn't think one could get so full of themselves as to name a guild after them.
I am intrested, I have been away from Wow for about 6 years and I'm now playing again.
Im currently guilded however I'm looking for a to grow with..
I am interested in joining this guild. I love PvP and definitely would like to join an RBG group. Is there someone I could talk to in game? Thanks for any help
Resto druid, 1580 cr in rbg's. fully geared. and off spec moonkin fully geared as well.
Hey, Ret LF invite to you're fine guild.
2k experienced in arena, and more importantly not a d-bag
looking to do some rbg's and arena n stuff
also i must qualify as i've defeated your mighty leader on the field of battle ;)


probably due to the overpoweredness of WoG or as it should be called
"Word of not getting !@#$ted on" ;)
i'll try to talk to an officer online too. peace
Elelementalqt Squad smashed bahjeeras team!!!

Ele 1 bahjeer 0
I am a arms/prot warrior looking for a guild planing on switching relms do u have a spot inthe guild ?
I was thinking of transferring my other pally over to join. id be a holy pally, only interested in pvp.
Leveling an alt DK atm. Willing to apply to guild when I hit 90, 1900 Hero & 2k exp TC
you guys still recruiting? if not i understand, sorry that my lvl 3 hunter comes up on the forum it should be my 90 Warrior but i just transferred here from a dieing realm because the guild leader that did RBGs left and now im looking to do RBGs.
is there anyway I could get a g invite I plan on leveling a dk and war my wars name is bloodstormqt
please and thank you


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