Vanilla or TBC Raiding Guild??

Firstly, long time listener, first time caller as it were.

I'm looking for a guild which will cater to my thirst of the old world content. Either Vanilla or TBC, as you can see this guy is only 44 and so I have a bit to do before I can join in on the raiding, but I'm willing, and that's the main thing.

Let me know.

Thanks for your time

If you are still interested in a lvl 60 vanilla-style raiding guild check out;

Impasse, Stormreaver [H]


Guild webpage

You can also realID me @ Dallal#1499 antime.

We do not allow Goblins, or any other race/class that was added after Classic WoW. And since we are Horde we do no allow Paladins.

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