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Your one stop shop for Vanilla/TBC's most desirable transmog gear!

Currently stocked with plate and mail armors! Leather and cloth armor in the near future!
Each piece will be priced accordingly and placed in tiers depending on rarity. Complete sets will have around a 30% increase from the sum of the pieces. Pieces will be anywhere from 200g - 10,000g each. The lower tier the more valuable and rare the armor is.

**Example of a 10,000g piece is Glorious Breastplate which only drops off level 60+ mobs in Vanilla, meaning AQ20, AQ40 and a few mobs on Alcaz Island. This would qualify to be tier 1.

Please keep in mind even though these are green items they are still world random drops off a particular zone or level range of mobs. Yes, you can farm these yourself. But you can farm for days to weeks and even months ... still not getting the 1 piece you need. Ending up with 10 gloves when you need the leggings to finish off the set.

I've already got messages from players thanking me for having a piece up, saying they've been farming a month for the last piece they needed.

I'm willing to put up on for Horde via neutral auction house, but the customer will be responsible for covering auction cuts.

**I will be using this thread for personal sake as well to keep track of what I sell and add.
Plate Armor

Tier 1

Lofty Plate -

Lofty Breastplate x0
Lofty Helm x0
Lofty Legguards x0
Lofty Shoulder Pads x1
Lofty Gauntlets x0
Lofty Sabatons x0
Lofty Belt x0
Lofty Armguards x0

Tier 2

Saltstone Plate -

Saltstone Helm x0
Saltstone Surcoat x0
Saltstone Armsplints x1
Saltstone Shoulder Pads x1
Saltstone Gauntlets x0
Saltstone Girdle x0
Saltstone Legplates x0
Saltstone Sabatons x0

Tyrant's Plate -

Tyrant's Chestpiece x0
Tyrant's Legplates x0
Tyrant's Epaulets x0
Tyrant's Helm x1
Tyrant's Gauntlets x0
Tyrant's Greaves x0
Tyrant's Armguards x0
Tyrant's Belt x0

Tier 3

Hyperion Plate -

Hyperion Armor x0
Hyperion Helm x0
Hyperion Legplates x2
Hyperion Pauldrons x0
Hyperion Gauntlets x0
Hyperion Greaves x0
Hyperion Girdle x0
Hyperion Vambraces x1

Bloodscale Plate -

Bloodscale Belt x0 - Heart Buckle
Bloodscale Sabatons x0
Bloodscale Breastplate x1
Bloodscale Gauntlets x0
Bloodscale Helm x1
Bloodscale Legguards x0
Bloodscale Pauldrons x0
Bloodscale Bracers x3

Tier 4

Brutish Plate -

Brutish Breastplate x0
Brutish Helmet x1
Brutish Legguards x1
Brutish Boots x1
Brutish Gauntlets x0
Brutish Shoulders x1
Brutish Armguards x1
Brutish Belt x0

Imbued Plate -

Imbued Plate Helmet x1
Imbued Plate Leggings x1
Imbued Plate Pauldrons x1
Imbued Plate Vambraces x0
Imbued Plate Greaves x0
Imbued Plate Girdle x1
Imbued Plate Gauntlets x0
Imbued Plate Armor x0

Commander's Plate -

Commander's Leggings x1
Commander's Armor x0
Commander's Helm x0
Commander's Gauntlets x0
Commander's Girdle x0
Commander's Vambraces x1
Commander's Pauldrons x0
Commander's Boots x0

Tier 5

Darkcrest Plate -

Darkcrest Belt x1
Darkcrest Sabatons x0
Darkcrest Breastplate x1
Darkcrest Gauntlets x0
Darkcrest Helm x0
Darkcrest Legguards x3
Darkcrest Bracers x0
Darkcrest Pauldrons x1

Boulderfist Plate -

Boulderfist Belt x0
Boulderfist Greaves x0
Boulderfist Armor x1
Boulderfist Gloves x0
Boulderfist Helm x2
Boulderfist Legplates x1
Boulderfist Epaulets x0
Boulderfist Bracers x2

Bloodfist Plate -

Bloodfist Girdle x0
Bloodfist Greaves x3
Bloodfist Breastplate x2
Bloodfist Gloves x2
Bloodfist Helmet x1
Bloodfist Legplates x0
Bloodfist Epaulets x2
Bloodfist Vambraces x1

Warmaul Plate -

Warmaul Belt x2
Warmaul Gloves x0
Warmaul Breastplate x2
Warmaul Helmet x0
Warmaul Greaves x4
Warmaul Legplates x0
Warmaul Vambraces x1
Warmaul Epaulets x0

Tier 6

Alabaster Plate -

Alabaster Plate Vambraces x0
Alabaster Breastplate x0
Alabaster Plate Gauntlets x1
Alabaster Plate Girdle x0
Alabaster Plate Greaves x2
Alabaster Plate Helmet x0
Alabaster Plate Leggings x0
Alabaster Plate Pauldrons x0

Overlord's Plate -

Overlord's Spaulders x1
Overlord's Legplates x0
Overlord's Crown x0
Overlord's Gauntlets x0
Overlord's Vambraces x1
Overlord's Girdle x0
Overlord's Greaves x0
Overlord's Chestplate x0

Warlord's Plate -

Warlord's Iron-Breastplate x2
Warlord's Iron-Gauntlets x2
Warlord's Iron-Helm x1
Warlord's Iron-Legplates x0
Warlord's Iron-Epaulets x1
Warlord's Iron-Vambraces x1
Warlord's Sabatons x2
Warlord's Iron-Girdle x1

Tier 7

Emerald Plate -

Emerald Gauntlets x0
Emerald Girdle x0
Emerald Sabatons x1
Emerald Helm x0
Emerald Breastplate x2
Emerald Legplates x0
Emerald Pauldrons x0
Emerald Vambraces x0

Conqueror's Plate -

Conqueror's Breastplate x2
Conqueror's Gauntlets x0
Conqueror's Greaves x1
Conqueror's Girdle x0
Conqueror's Helmet x2
Conqueror's Legplates x0
Conqueror's Epaulets x1
Conqueror's Vambraces x1

Tier 8

Templar Plate -

Templar Crown x1
Templar Legplates x0
Templar Boots x0
Templar Girdle x1
Templar Gauntlets x1
Templar Chestplate x0
Templar Pauldrons x0
Templar Bracers x0

Revenant Plate -

Revenant Boots x0
Revenant Helmet x1
Revenant Leggings x0
Revenant Shoulders x0
Revenant Girdle x1
Revenant Gauntlets x1
Revenant Chestplate x0
Revenant Bracers x1
Plate Armor Continued...

Tier 9

Heavy Lamellar Plate -

Heavy Lamellar Vambraces x3
Heavy Lamellar Chestpiece x0
Heavy Lamellar Helm x2
Heavy Lamellar Gauntlets x2
Heavy Lamellar Girdle x0
Heavy Lamellar Leggings x3
Heavy Lamellar Pauldrons x1
Heavy Lamellar Boots x1

Sunscale Plate -

Sunscale Chestguard x1
Sunscale Helmet x1
Sunscale Legplates x0
Sunscale Spaulders x0
Sunscale Gauntlets x0
Sunscale Wristguards x0
Sunscale Sabatons x1
Sunscale Belt x0

Mail Armor

Tier 1

Battleforge Mail -

Battleforge Boots x0
Battleforge Wristguards x1
Battleforge Armor x1
Battleforge Girdle x2
Battleforge Gauntlets x0
Battleforge Legguards x2
Battleforge Shoulderguards x1

Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Tier 5
Tier 6
Tier 7
Tier 8

Ancient Mail -

Ancient Greaves x0
Ancient Vambraces x0
Ancient Chestpiece x1
Ancient Crown x1
Ancient Gauntlets x0
Ancient Belt x1
Ancient Legguards x2
Ancient Pauldrons x0

Blackforge Mail -

Blackforge Greaves x1
Blackforge Girdle x0
Blackforge Bracers x0
Blackforge Pauldrons x0
Blackforge Cowl x1
Blackforge Breastplate x0
Blackforge Gauntlets x1
Blackforge Leggings x0

Tier 9
Leather Armor

Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Tier 5
Tier 6
Tier 7
Tier 8
Tier 9
Cloth Armor

Tier 1

Tier 2

Silksand -

Vital -

Raincaller -

Tier 3

Embersilk -

Felcloth -

Mooncloth -

Elegant -

Tier 4

Nightsky -

Lunar -

Sage's -

Tier 5

Beaded -

Ancestral -

Aboriginal -

Barbaric Cloth -

Tier 6

Mystic -

Hibernal -

Silver-Thread -

Stonecloth -

Highborne -

Gaea -

Tier 7

Imperial Red -

Councillor's -

Tier 8

Regal -

Mystical -

High Councillor's -
Weapons & Shields


Singing Crystal Axe x1 -
Axe of Rin'ji x1 -
Crystalforged War Axe x1 -
Warlord's Axe x1 -
Irontree Broadaxe x1 -


Banner Slicer x1 -


Blade of Wizardry x1 -
Blade of the Titans x0 -
Assassination Blade x1 -
Do you purchase items or only sell them? I might have a few of those pieces.
01/20/2012 10:40 AMPosted by Kurogasa
Do you purchase items or only sell them? I might have a few of those pieces.

Currently I am only selling, but depending on what pieces you might have I could consider buying them to complete sets for resale.
Slowly gathering inventory on cloth transmog gear! Check out your local AH!

Thank you for your business!

If you need access to any of my 495 BS patterns let me know.
A lot of work trying to keep this thread updated. I'll leave the items I sell and it will be up to you all to search the AH.

Might end up using this thread to post full sets I have for sale.

Good luck!
What is ur approx want if i were to need the Boulderfist set, minus the head and shoulders. P.S. my blacksmith toon as purchased the recipe to produce the dark iron sets as well as the special 2H axe, perhaps a trade on the side ?

- Rozzy
i would also accept the drkcrest since those 2 sets both look the same minus the helm
Mogit is my old toon, so if you wanna check out this thread

I'll be happy to help you there ;)

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