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So I just started playing and I am wondering how can I get to my friend to play with him. I am a blood elf and he is a tauren. So we started in different continents. How can we meet up?

Thanks in advance!
You should already have been sent to Windrunner Spire in Ghostlands on the quest "Retaking Windrunner Spire" to kill the various undead who inhabit the area. One of them drops a The Lady's Necklace. This item starts a quest chain which gets you out of Ghostlands and sends you to Undercity, teaching you how to use the portal in Silvermoon to teleport to Undercity.

Once you reach Undercity you can use the zeppelin to go to Orgrimmar in Kalimdor and then hook up with your friend wherever he is.
At least one of you needs to do a little traveling. The trip between the Bloodelf starting area and the Tauren starting area is a bit long, but not too bad.

Blood elf to Tauren:
-In Silvermoon City go to the Orb of Translocation and click on it. That will take you to a matching orb above the Forsaken capitol of Undercity.
-Exit the ruins and you'll see two towers in between you and a major quest hub (Brill). At the top of those towers 3 different zeppelins dock. One of them goes to Orgrimmar (the orc racial city and Horde capitol) in Kalimdor, and you can talk to the dudes standing on the docking platforms to figure out which one is the Orgrimmar one.
-Get on the zeppelin when it arrives (ship hull suspended below an air balloon) and soon after you'll be headed off to Orgrimmar.
-When you arrive in Orgrimmar go down the tower and exit it, you'll be on top of a plateau with some buildings and NPC's.
-Look for the guy standing in front of a booth facing two lions with bat wings and a scorpion tail. Talk to him and he'll show you a map of Kalimdor marked with a bunch of winged shoes. Those are the Flight points that are open to you.
-Select the one that says "Thunderbluff" when you hover your mouse over it, it will be one of the ones near the middle of the continental map in a circular-like zone. Then you'll be off flying on a "taxi" to Thunderbluff, the Tauren racial capitol.

Alternatively your friend could meet you in Orgrimmar by taking the zeppelin that goes between Thunderbluff and Orgrimmar, OR take the Flight Point to Orgrimmar, Or your friend could do my directions in reverse and meet you in Brill or even Silvermoon City.
Your name is quite ironic in context.
Avanna- This really helped me on my Blood Elf to get to Orc starting area because i like Blood Elfs but i hate the quests! :) Thank You
05/16/2012 06:57 PMPosted by Siballa
Avanna- This really helped me on my Blood Elf to get to Orc starting area because i like Blood Elfs but i hate the quests! :) Thank You

It's nice that you got help with something but you shouldn't bump an old thread that's no longer in discussion.

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