need help in making a Trade chat macro

UI and Macro
Hi I am looking to make a macro that says the below in a cities trade.
(with tailoring, and the items are clickable links.)

*OPEN FOR BUSINESS* [Tailoring] making [Dreamwraps of the Light] and/or [Bracers of Unconquered Power] (bring your mats plus 1k gold) pst for mats required.

I tried looking aroung on line for suggestions, but must be missing something.

Thank you in advance.
I'm not sure you can add an ItemLink to a macro like this but you can use the SendChatMessage function, but something like this might work

/script c = GetChannelName("Trade"); SendChatMessage("*OPEN FOR BUSINESS* blah blah blah", "CHANNEL", nil , c )

Thank you. :) I will give it a try once back in a city.

Is there a way to get the links to work?
You're going to have space issues in that macro.

The [Tailoring] link is about 150 characters. Each item link is about 60 characters not including the name itself. So you're looking at 310 characters with only the links. With the ~100 characters of text you want to add around it, you're about 150 characters over budget for a chat.

Ironically, you can cram it all into a macro, but as I said it's going to cut off half the macro when it chats due to the length of the links' control codes:

/cast Tailoring
/run local function f(i) return (select(2,GetItemInfo(i))) end SendChatMessage("*OPEN FOR BUSINESS* "..GetTradeSkillListLink().." making "..f(71990)..f(71989).." your mats and 1k gold","channel",nil,2) HideUIPanel(TradeSkillFrame)

But, you could spread it out into two chats:

/cast Tailoring
/run local s,f=function(m)SendChatMessage(m,"channel",nil,2)end,function(i)return select(2,GetItemInfo(i))end s("*OPEN FOR BUSINESS* "..GetTradeSkillListLink())s(f(71990)..f(71989).." your mats + 1k gold") HideUIPanel(TradeSkillFrame)

I'd recommend just chatting the tradeskill link and the item names that aren't clickable in one chat.

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