Festival Lantern and Faction Change

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Does anyone know if I were to go Alliance would my Festival Lantern remain a Festival Lantern or become a Lunar Lantern?

I did not see this faction specific pet addressed in the FAQ like the Argent one.

They probably just haven't updated the FAQ yet. I would assume it would follow the same behavior as all of the other faction specific things and be swapped. I can't be absolutely 100% sure as I haven't done a faction change myself, but I am 99% sure.
I don't have an absolute for you, Grnberryfior, but as these are Bind on Equip and players should be able to acquire both, they should function like the Argent Tournament pets and remain the same through a faction change.

I'll see if I can get a verification for you, but that's my first instinct.

*Edit* I verified that both the Festival Lantern and Lunar Lantern will not change when performing a faction change. >^.^<

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