No Blizzcon - Cancelled in 2012?!

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Hey guys, I know you all spent a fair amount of money and took the time to come out here, but, uhh, we have no new games to talk about this year. Let's do some Q&A about lore instead! Oh, and check out this video of something kinda cool in our games.

Other than that, yeah, we have computers set up for ya, go play whatever you feel like for 15 minutes and then you can swap out.

Seriously, it makes no sense to have Blizzcon if they aren't gonna be ready to announce something new and epic.

This does confirm, however, that we should have D3, MoP, and HotS by the time Blizzcon normally rolls around.
Personally, this comes as something of a relief. This last Blizzcon was the first time I entered the costume contest, and I'm hoping to do so again at the next one. I'm in this to win, and in order to do that I'm doing something more than a little insane, which has minimal chances of succeeding. It's comforting to have an extra year to work on it though, and have this moment of conceptual madness really pay off.
Blizzcon was the one thing that kept the sense of community alive for me. So many of my friends have moved on from wow to other games and Blizzcon is where we all met every year. For my other online friends, Blizzcon was one of the sole reasons I reactivated my WoW account.

This is a big mistake, Blizzard. A big mistake.
01/25/2012 06:00 AMPosted by Ishockucry
You all realize that the world is ending on december 21st 2012 right?

The worlds going to end on my birthday D:
You can assume the moon will fall from the sky this year and kill us all, that doesn't mean anything to anyone except you. .

Unless of course the sky had fallen once per year, for each of the previous five years. know. You might expect it then.
I, for one, am glad they're not doing a Blizzcon this year.

The sheer amount of effort and manpower they have to put into those events definitely causes delays in product/patch release. No Blizzcon this year will mean everyone is focused on creating and releasing products, which is ultimately what you, the consumer, want.
01/25/2012 08:28 AMPosted by Nephthys
They've actually stated that they lose money from holding Blizzcon each year, but they continued to do it because the event was so fun and their fanbase loved it so much.

While that is true, and Bliz does see a loss, I still REALLY doubt that they would sacrifice profit because they wanna hold a "fun event". No business in the world is that nice.

The truth is, they gain publicity from Blizzcon, turn...if all goes right, helps them increase their profit margin.

I would argue that they gain little publicity besides the continued loyalty of their most loyal customers. Blizzcon is an event for Blizzard fans, outside news sites definitely report on it but you aren't going to read huge press releases and con details if you aren't already heavily invested in the game/company.

Does it have value outside of a "fun" event? Of course. Can that value be directly attributed to Blizzard's growth in the next year? I don't think so. Building up hype doesn't require holding your own convention, they could easily hype and publicize info about their projects through traditional means like insider reports, commercials, and trailers.

I've been to two blizzcons. You can literally see and hear the joy in the developers when they're up on stage, talking about their games that they love so much and all of us who make it possible for them. Trust me, they hold the event each year not only to build good PR and have fun with their fans but because its fun for them too. They're only human.
It's because they don't really have anything important to announce this year.
Now get over yourselves.
Darn. The one time I actually had the money to go and it isn't happening. >.<;
01/25/2012 05:59 AMPosted by Farhandl
Wow....that kinda sends out a strange signal, doesn't it....

You mean "All three of our games will be out by then, we are not ready to discuss Titan and Metzen has already used Geek Is"?

Dude, they are simply not going to throw the event to take your money. That is the signal.
Well MoP and Diablo better be the best games out there:P though i probably wouldnt have made it this year it gives me more time to save up for the next time. Ive always wanted to go to Blizzcon but never could afford it.
Read 16 pages so far. Anyone who is upset just because they were looking forward to it I understand. Even if someone completely agree's that this is probably for the best, they can still be dissapointed. It's like mom and dad cancelling christmas because they need that money to pay the rent. But the attitude for most of these people is mature and goes little beyond expressing dissapointment, and it's good to see maturity.

But then you have a bunch of idiots jumping to conspiracy theorys about how blizzard just wants to keep us all in the dark from the truth. You guys need to grow the hell up. Never once has blizzard worked on 4 titiles in one year, and pushed to release 3 of them. NEVER ONCE so stop with this, "blizzards held blizzcon while working on WoW expansions before. Blizzard does more than just wow, stop making yourself looking like crying children, or paranoid idiots and be adult about it. It was said from the start it wasn't going to be annual, we've seen it no be annual.

If you're dissapointed, fine, so am I. But quit proveing to the world that the blizzard community are a bunch of whinning idiots while dragging everyone else down with you.


oh and side note, ive been without really having a christmas
Did you ever stop to think, that with all the controversy of last years BlizzCon

alliance getting cursed out and 'go die/kill yourselves' style death threats (which when the same style things are posted at people IRL... you see suicides.... same applies.. edit: 'same applies' meaning suicides in this instance are either ... actual.. deaths... or simply more people unsubscribing )

I'm disappointed since I was hoping to go this year if I could save up the dough, but I guess it just means that the 2013 one will be twice as good, right?

2013 probably means time for titan, so it might be worth going to that one.
heres hoping for a Starcraft MMO with an EVE scope (start out as a lowly marine/zergling/zealot and move up the ranks.... and... instead of 'oh noes the kings dead..*wait two hours to turn in quest* it would be *OH GOD THE KINGS DEAD, THE MAGE QUARTERS TAKEN, TRADES DOWN.. THE CITY HAS BEEN TAKEN! *wait 2days to a week to retake.... though it would be planets/systems instead of just a city*)

or... it will be something Halo related (blizzard hired a number of bungie people)

either way... woot woot!
Well, you were threre, so I am not going to doubt ya. :)

Again, it's just how I saw it online.

I cannot compare it to Blizzcon 2009 because I didn't participate in that one. But I can just say that if you are at Blizzcon, the level of energy is absolutely palpable. Just huge gamer / geek intensity. Far from subdued. :)
While I know many loved Blizzcon for its announcements, the thing I cherished the most from Blizzcon were the opportunities for the community to ask questions.

Although there is a precedent using the live chat format to take questions for an hour or so at a time, there haven't been many for the last several months. Would it be possible for, in lieu of Blizzcon, the artists, developers, and teams to perhaps have a rotating schedule of these public forums? I'm not suggesting at all that you do this within a single week, but imagine a whole summer where the equivalent of one "panel" would pop up each week.

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