[H] Arms Warrior LF Guild DS 10 man

Like the topic says, I'm an arms warrior that's looking for a guild to run DS with.

I am primarily interested in doing arena but I recently starting running some LFR DS and found the content to be fun. I've studied all the bosses and new fight dynamics with the normal version of the instance.

In the past I've done some main tanking for progression raids on another server. I'm not necessarily looking for anything that extreme here. Mainly I'd like to get into a guild that will be able to go 8/8 normal. I'm looking for a more organized weekly effort than joining random groups through trade. I've been playing a warrior since vanilla and I feel I am very strong at the class.

Respond here or message me in game. Thanks.
We are looking for more for our 10 man group, give me or anyone in our guild a /w in game and we can try to get you into a run

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