Please bring back whoever designed Ulduar

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01/26/2012 01:21 PMPosted by Miniegg
I doubt anyone would complain about the length between tiers when they are enjoying the current tier.

So true.

I am a cata baby and I wish I was here when Northrend was current content. What I really love about Ulduar (other than the beauty, the music, and the range of different tactics per boss) is the zone it is contained in. The Storm Peaks tells a wonderful story of Loken and Thorim, bringing us through Halls of Stone and Halls of Lightning, trying to understand the history of the storm giants. Then we're led to the beautiful raid dungeon, Ulduar. I have wondered if those same developers created Uldum. Uldum really had the potential to rock my socks, showing us what the Ramkahen tried to protect while Deathwing destroyed, but Throne of the Four Winds was such a let down.
01/26/2012 01:33 PMPosted by Ashva
Over 1 million killed Deathwing in LFR....

OK, and?

This means they can't make an Ulduar/Kara-like raid and implement it for LFR?
01/26/2012 12:28 PMPosted by Syrella
We waited 8 months for Firelands to come out with 7 bosses but we only waited 5 for Ulduar to come out with 14. I'm not sure how more raid bosses means longer wait time.

Since Naxxramas was effectively recycled from Vanilla to its inclusion in WotLK, you can't really measure Ulduar development time as "the time between WotLK release and Ulduar".

For all we know, Ulduar was being developed alongside WotLK, but just unfinished by the time WotLK release came along.

You shouldn't assume that Ulduar only took 5 months to develop (or even that ICC only took 8), especially considering the content available upon release of WotLK was 'rehashed' Naxx with two other single boss raids. So you're far from being able to assess from this an estimation of development time for raids.

Unless you can confirm actual development time of raids with facts and not loosely based assumptions then they have no reason to try and answer your question.

No where in my post did I state how long it took for raids to develop. I have no clue how long it takes. What I did state is that we have approximately the same wait time in between tiers now in Cataclysm, but the raids are much shorter, and of less quality.

We're given the "development takes time" line too much for an excuse for lesser quality content, when in reality, it's obvious that the teams working on this stuff are much smaller.

In the past Blizzard has been very honest and forthcoming with their fans. This doesn't seem to be the case as much anymore. I'd rather they be honest and say, "hey guys, for us to develop and produce a raid the size and epicness of Ulduar, it would take much longer to accomplish then it did in the past, due to the fact we have less people working on this stuff then we did in the past."

The typical blue response to this would be, "no, Seneselina, that is absolutely not the case. Don't presume to know our business." Well then, if that isn't the case, then Dragon Soul is insulting.

Does that make more sense?
No it means that DS saw the highest kill ratio in every other raiding instance ever. Yes its the LFr and they can do it to whatever instance they want.

Yet comparing the kill ratio to other raiding tiers? The numbers are astronomically low. Again Blizzard does not cater to one crowd in this game...ever.

You are trying to compare apples to oranges.

I can say that more people cleared ZA in Cata than in BC and although true, the fact that they are two completely different instances has a huge part in it. The same for LFR DS vs Normal/Heroic DS.

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